You’re exactly my type💛

There is this thing that happens in cheesy movies where the perfect guy likes the weird, goofy nerdy girl and it’s the most beautiful thing really. Something about it screams sweet and epic. Sometimes it’s the other way around but the point is the love feels a little undeserving and at the end, so many things happen that makes you who is watching it want it for them. The movie starts with you thinking that it’s undeserving and well, not supposed to be but somehow at the end they manage to convince you that this is magical and you find yourself wishing for that sweep me off my feet, undeserving kind of magic.

I wonder if that’s why we often go after people who we feel “undeserving of” (This is gist for another day, let me not stray)

As magical as this phenomenon is, it makes me wonder why the gospel is that difficult to grasp. He’s perfect, we’re not. He loves us enough to think we’re worth dying for, nobody gets it but who cares? It’s our relationship so yeah.

I wonder if the angels in heaven gush at the cheesiness of it all.

Do you know what happens in these movies? Do you know why your perception changes? It’s because all through the movie, the producers get you to see the beauty of the girl through the boys eyes. He starts to “discover” her and “experience” her and she starts to unravel and before you know, because you’re a part of this process, even you starts to feel she deserves it. So what really changed?

Your perception.

I often wonder if maybe the reason we struggle to accept his love and his grace is our perception. I know it’s cute to think “hey I’m undeserving and somehow he wants me” but the truth is actually in his eyes, “You’re deserving. Too deserving. You’re awesome!”

I’m sure the angels think so too.

You know how in these movies the girls think they’re not that great and we watching think “She’s awesome” or if you’re like me, you think “He’ll definitely fall for her”

I’m sure the angels think that way too.

Step out from the screen a bit, change your lens, look into the mirror and straight into his eyes and see how deserving you are of this gorgeous love that he’s willing to give.

In the movie I watched, I saw the boy look into this goofy, nerdy girl’s eyes with certainty saying “You’re exactly my type” and I saw myself agreeing with all my heart even though barely an hour ago, I didn’t think so.

So in other cheesy news, I am pleased to inform you that you’re his type. Yes with all your imperfections, flaws, quirks, shortcoming and long comings😂 – You’re exactly his type.

This is usually the part of the movie where they kiss. Lol. So yeah, dive in. (I mean intimacy with him. Prayers/worship or whatever makes you feel closest to him) Make it as sloppy and messy as you like. It’s your movie scene after all and this is the beginning of your happy ever after


(Inspired by the two cheesy movies and one cheesy book I read this weekend)

18 thoughts on “You’re exactly my type💛

  1. Ah my chest! I felt this! Like Intimacy is everything. I won’t lie, sometimes I feel undeserving of his love but mehn I have to keep on with the fellowship because more and more, I see myself through his eyes. Thanks babe! Blessed!

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  2. I so love this post.. I always read your posts but I usually don’t comment..there is so much I can relate to in this post.. he girl! You’re doing great I should tell you that more often


  3. This is way too beautiful. And even the way you eased into the details. We are so blessed and privileged to be Love by God, that much.


  4. The truth is we might see ourselves as undeserving of the unfailing love Obinigwe gives, but that’s why he gave up himself that we might be made lovely, thanks for this great piece.


  5. At time you don’t wait to be accepted the way you are, if you know you need a change then do it!… If God accepts us the way we are can every other person do the same? Guess such persons are just too rare……..
    Great lines oreva…….


    1. Thank you. I like this line of thought and yes change or more like growth is necessary. However who are at your very core when everything else has been stripped away is not subject to change and that part of you is loved so fiercely by the one who designed it. You should love that part too, if anyone else doesn’t well, that’s also fine.


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