Shoot your shot (1)

Here’s a short story I wrote a while ago, I hope you like it. I attached an audio recording of the story too for those who don’t like to read. Enjoy!


The very first time I saw you, you were crossing the road in grey slacks and a black shirt. I’ll never forget because I sat in my black sedan and watched you strut your way across the road in annoying confidence. Weren’t you afraid of the blaring horns and speeding vehicles? Or was your mind too preoccupied that you didn’t seem to care? Whatever the reason, I watched you till you got to the other side, just in time for the light to turn red. Why didn’t you wait for the light to stop the cars before you crossed?

crossing the street

     The second time I saw you (which must be the first time you saw me) was the first time I noticed your eyes. They weren’t the perfect set, in fact they were quite tiny and the eyeliner you had on didn’t quite sit well, you probably did it in a rush. We were in a banking hall, you seemed exhausted, your eyes roaming round the place in frustration. We hadn’t talked and I could tell you had had a very long day. (This was just 11am) You needed a pen (I would never understand why people go to banks without a pen) apparently, someone took yours and never came back. Your hands brushed mine as you collected the pen, muttering a hurried “Thank you” and I wondered how someone who looked so cold could feel so soft.


         Lara. You laughed the first time you told me your name, I wonder why. Did I ask in a funny way? Was there something in my teeth? Or did my voice make your tummy bubble with butterflies? I hope it was the butterflies because the moment I saw your awkward beautiful smile, I knew I was done for. That’s the thing about you Lara. Nothing about you is usual, you’re a combination of all the weirdest things and to be honest, I’m more attracted than fascinated (I wonder what that says about me though) You interest me in ways I’m too ashamed to admit. You never really returned my pen though and in some ways I’m glad about that Cos it makes me feel like a part of me is with you. (I hope you did not give it out) I was glad to ease your frustration even if it was only for a minute.

      Did I tell you that you made my day? They say the third time is a charm. I’m not sure if I could count us bumping into each other at the park later that day as the third time I saw you but it was definitely the first time I noticed your lips, I remember how well they curved beneath the gloss you had on because I remember wondering what it would be like to kiss you but that wasn’t what struck me the most. You were having a conversation with someone who was not me but somehow I found myself astounded by the level of your quirky intelligence. Your subtle body language told me that you had no idea how much effect your words had or how awesome you were because it came with too much ease. You are effortlessly amazing.

drip line

     The needle in my arm stings a little as the last drop of liquid from the plastic bag hanging by my bedside drips into my bloodstream. 2 more bags to go but thinking about you Lara has a way of dulling the pain and making me forget and I think about you almost all the time.  Every time the doctor’s words ring in my ears reminding me that I have just one more month to live, I think about you and the happiness you bring to my heart. You’re like sunshine on a rainy day, actually you’re like sunshine on any day. Period. I think about the kind of relationship we would have had, the sound of your laughter, the twinkle in your eyes, what would you have loved the most about me? I wonder if I’ll have had the best one month of my life. I wonder if you’ll remember me as vividly as I remember you. I remember the very last time I “coincidentally” saw you and I wonder what could have happened Lara, if I had simply said Hello.


Here’s the audio file,  I hope you enjoy the sound of my voice.





3 thoughts on “Shoot your shot (1)

  1. Would it be over kill if I told you again what a beautiful writer you are. There is an honesty and innocence about your style that is refreshing. And the audio was just as lovely, it felt more like spoken word/poetry than a story but still took us on a journey.
    Lovely work

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