Dear MCM #4 – Shots

Dear MCM

I fell in love with your mind, long before I noticed any other thing about you. The intricacies of that beautiful mind, I always wondered how you concoct pieces together, what goes through your mind to birth such beautiful train of thoughts and insightful words. I fell in love with your mind, first. Yikes did I just say love?😂 I’m still yet to talk to you. Forgive me, my mind is forward.

I thought I would never talk to you again after what happened the last time. I honestly planned not to and that’s why I haven’t written for so long so imagine my surprise when I wake up to see your dm on twitter. You actually messaged me!!! My heart did a million summersaults.

“Hey. Asked about you. Hope the cold is gone”

I have read these three sentences about a hundred times trying to figure out what you meant and that’s why I haven’t sent a response in the past hour. I’m not airing you I promise. I’m just wondering what to say and how to reply. I’ve been given a second chance, I mustn’t blow it. If I’m being honest, I’m still a bit ashamed about what happened the last time I saw you. I think about it randomly sometimes and I cringe in embarrassment. I wonder how you must have seen me – How you must have perceived me. Apparently, you don’t have a problem with it, you’re actually concerned about me. I’m shook

Makes me think about my relationship with God. Sometimes I do some things that make me cringe or feel ashamed and I’m too embarrassed to talk to him (which is funny because he knows already) because I think he’s ashamed too meanwhile, his loving heart just wants me to come to him and not run away. It’s funny and sweet at the same time. You remind me of him in a lot of ways.

Sesan, do you like the sunset? I do. I love it actually. There is something beautiful about it that makes my heart sing. It’s always beautiful, no matter how many different times you watch it, always breathtaking. It’s amazing how something as natural as that manages to evoke such beauty, to think that just right after it sets, comes darkness.

Yes I’m better. Thank you. I have some questions to ask you about your sermon from last time if you don’t mind”

I just sent that to you Sesan and my heart won’t stop beating. Can’t wait for your reply. I have shot my shot. Will you catch the ball?

With a beating heart

And very little hope

With all my chest.

Your potential woman crush❤️

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