Dear MCM #2 – Small talk

Dear MCM,

I’m here again. I saw a poem recently on waiting for your crush’s boo to break her heart into a million we can never be together again pieces and I was wondering if I’ll have wished the same for you. If your heart is broken, would you even be willing to try again? Would I ever stand a chance? Thank God you don’t have a girlfriend. Before I go into what I really want to say today, I’ll like to say that I think that jealousy is a weird thing. (Not that you did anything to make me jealous) It’s okay for now that you like her pictures and mention her from time to time. You people aren’t together plus you haven’t met me yet so it’s fine but yeah as I was saying I think that jealousy is a weird thing.

I say this because when you get jealous, somewhere in your head, you say to yourself “I shouldn’t be getting jealous” or “Why is this thing even chooking me?” but no matter how many times you say it, your chest still feels funny. It’s weird I’m telling you. Do you ever get jealous? I’ll like to know what triggers it. Lol. (Not that I’m hoping to make you jealous in the future. I wouldn’t want to take you down that road) Speaking of jealousy, I ate one bomb Jollof today that would make every active tongue salivate with jealousy and longing and all the while, I kept thinking to myself how food should be a love language. There is something good, beautiful, meticulously prepared food does to your insides – it’s like everything in you comes alive. I hope we speak the same love language because my love for food is a constant and I do not intend to be gushing about something you’re not too particular about. (Yes, food is that important to me)

How’s your mum? Is she better? You tweeted about praying for her. Prayer is another funny thing. It’s amazing how we have to say out loud our hearts desires and thoughts to a person who already knows all were going to say before we say it😩 If you really think about it, isn’t that weird? Imagine if I could read your mind, I wouldn’t ask so many questions because I already know and every time you say something to me, it’ll be weird and somehow, it’s like old gist because I’m already aware. God must love us so much to want to hear our every thought, intention and desire out loud even though he already knows them. It’s like watching a movie you directed and scriptwrited play out. You know every word!! Yet you’re as excited as if it were the first time you were listening to it. It’s amazing to be honest. This in turn goes a long way to say that there would be times when I would say the same gist more than two times because I might forget I have mentioned it before, please you have to listen to every detail with great joy because you are to love me like Christ loved the church😂 (Jokes, Jokes. Or, maybe not)

I hope your sense of humour is intact because even though I’m not funny, I’m quite the goof ball. You can’t be too serious all the time. I have to go now. I must have eaten so much of that Jollof I was telling you about because I’m now feeling sleepy. Till next time.

Stay peng,

With all my chest

With great courage

Your soon to be woman crush❤️

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