Dear MCM – Intro

Hi guys, how are we? So I’ll be starting a new series today that I have titled Dear MCM. MCM stands for Man Crush Monday and so every Monday for the next one month, I’ll be releasing a post on this series. (So that’s like 4 posts in all) I hope you enjoy reading these posts as thoroughly as I did writing them.

Dear MCM

Has anybody ever told you that you’re like a fine hunk of delicious chocolate? No? Well, let me be the first. The amazing thing about you isn’t even in your delicious appearance, it’s in the fact that everything about you is so easy. Your smile, your scary dance moves, the sound of your voice, the sense you make… it’s all so easy but that’s besides the point. That’s not why I’m writing today.

Just to let you know (So that it doesn’t take you unawares) I have stalked all your social media pages and it’s safe to say I know a little something about you now. I know about your two brothers and one sister (she’s so beautiful by the way) My regards to your brother who just got married, he scored himself an amazing woman, she’s quite the catch (I hope they say this about me when we get married) Of which, don’t be stressed by my intensity, these are just my personal musings although I have noticed that oftentimes, my dreams do come true. I have digressed again🤦🏽‍♀️

Back to the stalking, as I was going through your Twitter today, soaking in all your beautiful wisdom and cute humour, I realized how similar it was to the devil seeking whom he may devour. (Yes, my mind works in weird ways. I connect the strangest things together and derive lessons from it. I imagine you saying this about me when giving a speech at our wedding. Or my birthday) so back to the devil thing. I wonder, if it’s not similar to stalking us, the way he lives his existence. It’s like God (who is the key lover in this story) did away with him who became proud and resentful (ex lover) and created a creation whom he recklessly adores. I imagine the devil studying us for hours (the way I study you. Lol. I don’t have hours to spare though) learning our thought patterns, our behaviors, our way of life, constantly looking for a good angle to strike. If that isn’t deranged, I don’t know what is?😭 How do we not see that he’s really not as powerful as we make him seem? He’s just an angry over devoted stalker and all the power lies in our hands because God has given it to us.

I know what you’re thinking, I’m nothing like him please. I stalk with precise alacrity 😂 To enjoy you rather than destroy you. To soak in your essence rather than mess up your existence. Speaking of scripture, I hope you love the lord? I see the scripture scattered across your social media pages and your posts on Jesus and your love for him, I hope that’s not a scam? Well, I’m praying for you that it’s not. Our union has to be equally yoked😂

I have digressed yet another time and as it is, I’ve gotten to the end of my sheet, so I can’t write any more things (I have so much to tell you) i can’t wait to finally meet you even though you might not know me when the time comes. This is just the beginning. Expect subsequent letters from me. Stay peng

With my chest

And all my courage,

Your potential woman crush❤️

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