Cup of Tea

There is that weird hesitation that occurs when you are about to sip something hot. You lift the cup to your lips aware of the vapor rising from the cup yet something about the warmth draws you in. Tea is always best served hot so you lift it to your lips and in that instant before the liquid makes contact with your tongue and even runs down your throat, there is a slight hesitation. You pause as if mentally psyching yourself for what is about to come. Somehow, letting your brain prepare for what’s coming seems like the logical thing to do and so we hesitate, perk our lips and take mini sips (those with trust issues use a spoon) slowly, sip by sip and each time the liquid runs down our throat, there is a satisfaction knowing that it’s just hot enough to be fulfilling but not too hot that it scalds you. Sometimes, our calculations are wrong and it actually really scalds your tongue rendering it numb for a period of time. I had a horrible cold this weekend so this was me a lot of the time.

What am I driving at?

Lol. Wait for it

Wait for it

Just a minute

Lol. Are you ready?😂

Don’t mind me. I play too much.

In my brief period of hesitation before sipping my tea, I realized something profound.

We always say “life is a cup of tea” or “that’s not my cup of tea” colloquially. Very recently, i did some things that I wasn’t very proud of – things that depicted the state of my heart and I felt ugly and wouldn’t stop feeling bad. I was pushed to places that I ordinarily didn’t think I could survive and yet something about all of this heat reminded me of my cup of tea. So let’s look at it this way, if life is our cup of tea, it sometimes comes cool but it’s best served hot. Meaning that the best of life is birthed in the heat! I digress but you get the point. This means just like with my cup of tea, there is something about finding balance. The secret to finding that balance is in that small second of hesitation when we realize that drinking it all at once is potentially disastrous. So before you rush into taking actions, take a minute. Pause, breathe and take life one sip at a time. When the heat builds up, we don’t wait for it to get cold because it looses its sweetness and its warmth and becomes bleh. We move cautiously, one day at a time till eventually, we’re past it and we realize that we enjoyed what could have potentially scarred us.

What happens if I already miscalculated and the tea already burnt my tongue?

I take a minute and give my tongue time to recover, then I heat up the tea and drink again. From one foodie to another, a burnt tongue has never stopped me from forging ahead with my delicacy. I say ouch, fan it a little, blow the next spoon and shove it right into my mouth

I am learning to actively fall in love with myself. I’m embracing every inch of me, both the good and the ugly, understanding that they’re equally beautiful to him❤️

I am learning to see me through his eyes and let go of mistakes I’ve made.

I am Learning to forgive myself.

Because in his eyes, I’m still worth dying for.

I don’t pretend to know what it’s like with you or what life is shoving at you, but I know that you are not your issue. You are not your mistakes. The heat makes everything sweeter and if only you can get to the end of the cup, you’ll realize that you feel warmer on the inside.

They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Even lemonade takes time. It’s a process of squeezing and adding and cutting and sieving but in the end, it’s a beautiful masterpiece. You are a beautiful masterpiece.

Embrace the steam and the heat. Bask in the warmth and keep in mind that the cup is in your hands. It’s your cup of tea. Literally😂👅 Feel free to milk it (Did you see what I did there?✌🏾😂)

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