Hey gorgeous ones, I have another short story for you today. I hope it does something to your heart and your mind💕

I stare at him from the corner of my eyes and see that he’s still staring. Uncomfortable, I shift in my seat thinking to myself that surely he’ll grow bored of it soon enough, there really wasn’t much to me to keep him interested for too long. I turn my head the other way but the heat building behind my skull reminds me that he’s still staring.

Fed up, I turn to meet his gaze with my face straight but he remains relentless, his lips slowly spreading into a faint smile. Damn it. He had those kind of smiles that make you lose your train of thought. This was nothing but trouble. I fight against my jittery heart wobbling in my chest.

Tired of the uncomfortable eye contact, I break my gaze and focus on what the professor is saying. I have waited too long to attend this seminar to miss out on any of it because a gorgeous boy won’t stop staring at me.

The bell eventually goes off signaling the end of the session and with it, the breath I hadn’t been aware I was holding, releases itself in soft puffs.

I scramble for my things quickly aware that he was walking towards me, I couldn’t let him meet up with me. What would he do when he realizes that I’m a hot mess? Shaking my head, I get up almost in time to feel his hand on my arm

Wait please” he whispers so softly that I can smell the mint in his breath

I turn around feigning nonchalance, trying to pretend that my heart wasn’t fighting to jump out of my chest

“I couldn’t take my eyes off you” he says again.

“I’m aware. It was uncomfortable if I’m being completely honest”

“I’m sorry but you’re breathtaking”

I roll my eyes in confusion. Me? This one must surely not be seeing well. Either that or he exaggerates almost too well.

He’s still staring and as if reading my thoughts, he adds

I’m serious. There’s is something about you”

I scoff.

“Permit me, if you may, I’ll like to take your breath away. I’ll like to know you and be the reason you never want to stop smiling”

I smile. This is definitely weird but yet I indulge him and we talk and laugh till we eventually loose track of time.

This was exactly 2 years ago. 2 years since the day I first met Ovie. 2 years since I gave my heart in promise to him, saying yes to all that he was and all he intended to offer, accepting it with promises of my own. Not once in these years did he slack or fall short in his devotion to me and in the ways that I could, I have loved him tirelessly.

Life is ironic to be honest – a big hot pot of messy beans. Somehow, coincidentally, on the same date that we met, a day that we are supposed to hold hands and relish each other while reminiscing on our journey so far, I stare at ovie with tears in my eyes. His hands are shaking and I can tell that this is hard for him as well. He’s struggling

How are you AS?” I finally speak up, my voice choking with emotion. “How did we not know?”

The man who for two years hadn’t been able to take his eyes off me, couldn’t look at me.

Stop crying Leila. It’s breaking my heart” he balls his fist in frustration.

We had seen this coming. Ever since he got his test results and we realized we were both “AS”, we knew this moment would come. We had to make a decision but nothing about it was easy. I look up to find him staring at me with tears in his eyes, his heart pleading even in the silence. I could almost hear him beckoning me to darn the consequences and stay, to love him and not leave but because I know Ovie more than anybody in this world, I knew that he would stay silent. Rather than say all that his heart was pressing him to, he would remain considerate and stay quiet because even he knew better.

Gathering all my strength and clearing my throat, I sit up properly. It was time to do what needed to be done. There was no use prolonging it. I take his hands in mine.

“It’s over Ovie. You know we can’t continue”

Squeezing my fingers in his palm, he breaks into a sob. 2 years and 22 hours and this is the first time I’m seeing him cry.

My heart breaks into a million tiny pieces

“I love you” he says hugging me close

“I love you too” I say.

We stay like that for the next ten minutes, none of us wanting to leave, all the while knowing it was inevitable because regardless of how much we cherished or loved each other, none of it was worth it. It was not enough.

In the spirit of sickle cell awareness, Know your genotype. Not just for you but for the future to come. For the sake of your unborn children, be aware💕

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