Climbing mountains

I went hiking today guys and it was an experience of a lifetime! Safe to say I’m never doing this again😂 If you know me well, you’ll know I freaked out for the most part. Anyway, on the long climb up the mountain, it occurred to me how similar it was to the journey of life (Yes, I’m weird like that. Lol) and since it’s still the start of the year, I picked up a few things that I’ll like to share with you beautiful people today.

FUN FACT: In mountain climbing, you don’t actually climb up the actual mountain directly. There are trails and paths that help you navigate your way up the mountain. This means that the way to the top is oftentimes not always the most obvious way. Find your path and stick to it.

⁃ You can’t go the trail alone. Along the way, I got tired a lot and I needed assistance. A little hand holding, someone saying “No, use this way” another handing water when thirst came, someone pushing me when my legs gave up and refused to move😂 My point is, in this our 2018 hike, we’ll be needing friends and not just any friends but friends who’ll go the whole distance with you, supporting you every step of the way.

⁃ Another weird thing that happened was coming down from the mountain was actually a lot harder and more stressful than going up😩 Now this confused me because at some point going down, we were climbing scary terrains😂 This goes a long way to say that sometimes, even though it seems like we’re going uphill and climbing, because we’re going in the opposite direction, we might actually be going down😭 Be mindful of which direction you’re going this year.

⁃ Knowledge is power. Mahn! This is so key. There are things you need to know that’ll make your journey easier like having water handy, a little snack to munch on along the way, wear shoes that have firm grip…etc (Some of these things I knew before and some, I had to learn along the way) What am I saying? This year, Upgrade your knowledge bank – read books, watch stuff, ask questions, meet people, gain exposure. The more you know, the easier the journey.

⁃ Finally, the view is worth it. Think of the end game – the goal, the dream and remind yourself everytime it gets tough that the view is worth it. I almost didn’t go because I wasn’t feeling too strong but one sprained ankle, tired muscles, head banging and happy soul later on, I got to the top and my heart leaped with satisfaction. I had done it finally and it was worth it. Ask yourself, that thing you’re fighting for, stressing for, going through hell and back just to attain, is it really worth it? Is it something you’ll look back on and smile knowing it was worth every step? Search your heart, question your motives and take one step at a time. We’re almost there!

That being said, I’ll like to make a public service announcement😂 Hiking is not for the faint hearted. They’ll tell you it’s fun and not so hard, Issa scam😂 Your chest will fail you half of the time. You will scream and feel like you’re gonna die but you go dey alright lass lass and that’s the koko

Stay beautiful, I love you like Ribena.

With love,


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