Take a deep breath.

Pause, stay that way.

Now release the breath. There you go, nice and easy.

How do you feel? Weird? Free? Lol. I know you didn’t do it.

Today I was thinking about the wonders of oxygen and breathing. Sometime last year, I had an asthmatic attack and after the whole ordeal, my dad, worried, eyes full of concern said to I and my mum “I don’t get it. Why can’t she breathe? There’s oxygen all around. All she needs to do is inhale it”

I remember that day shaking my head at him, wondering how clueless he was and how much harder it was to breathe when your chest was blocked and felt tight. In thinking about this, something profound occurred to me. Something I’ll really like to share with you today.

This is how asthma works – When an asthmatic person is triggered,(triggers may vary from dust, smoke, scents to stuffy places and a whole lot of other environmental factors) the airways in their lungs become inflamed and this causes an airflow obstruction which makes it hard for them to breathe even though there’s air all around. But we’re not here today to get a lecture on how asthma works, today I want to talk about how similar this is to unforgiveness, bitterness and jealousy and why many of us are finding it hard to breathe. A lot of the time, we have people hurt us in ways that may seem unforgivable mostly because of how deep the wounds run, over time, we come to habour ugly feelings of bitterness, resentment, envy…etc. Sounds a lot like triggers doesn’t it? Just like with asthma, when we are triggered, there’s a burning in our chest as the hurt starts to spread and slowly, we find that we can’t breath, we’re coughing and struggling even though there’s air all around us but we just can’t breathe.

Unforgiveness is like taking a deep breath, holding it and refusing to release it till you eventually pass out. It will kill you!

So what do we do when our chest feels tight from hurt? When we find that we can’t breath and our eyes hurt from crying so much, the sting of betrayal and pain still fresh in our memories? – USE AN INHALER!

I promised in my first post this year (Sunshine)to tell my truth and share my journey with you all and for the longest time, like you, I struggled with these ugly emotions and found myself being unable to breathe (Not literally. Well, sometimes. Lol) So what did I do? I used an inhaler. What an inhaler does is it relaxes you, clears the obstruction and opens your airways, giving you room to breathe. Abba wants you to breathe him in today and let it all out. He wants to be the only one that takes your breath away. That breath you’re holding, let it out. Release it and set yourself free. Cry if you want to, scream if your throat is begging for it, express yourself how you want but release that breath and let it go. We weren’t designed to keep air in, but to let it out. So breathe in, now breathe out. You’re free.

Disclaimer: Using an inhaler once doesn’t mean another attack won’t resurface. So the very next time, you’re triggered, before it even has the chance to block your airways or escalates, you know you have your inhaler handy. That’s what faith is❤️

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