El Oh El

Hi gorgeous people. It’s been a while since I posted short stories. Hope you like this one (It’s a true life story😂)


My first instinct is to run away. Always has been, always might be. I always run away. Get scared, run. Too hard, run. Too easy, run. Overly frustrating? I run.

I have the “give up Spirit” as my friend once called it. I don’t know how to stay and fight (Safe to say that perseverance is not my strong suit) I could be patient, but the moment it gets too hard, I bolt. Doesn’t even have to be a dead end, just has to as much as look like a dead end and I’m gone. This has never been a good thing and I’ve always hoped to one day stay and fight for something.

So imagine my frustration when the one thing I eventually finally stayed and fought for, ran. Karma, some might call it – What you do eventually comes back to bite you. (I also don’t think I believe in this concept, but that’s beside the point)

It ran😂 and I stayed and begged and broke and bled. It ran. I wanted something so bad enough to wait and stay and hope and yet it ran. This is a story of heart break and betrayal and pain and I’ll love to share it with you.

We met on one sunny day, in the back seat of my mothers car after school. I was 6 at the time. I saw it outside the window, beads of sweat cascading down its body implying the chilliness within. I should have known then that something so cold was capable of doing more harm than good but desire often times over throws common sense so of course I went for it. It was like a breath of fresh air, I don’t know if it was the intensity of the sun or the tiredness in my soul, I’m not sure what exactly it was that attributed to it, but in that moment, we became best friends. I made a silent promise to myself to always rely on it.

Many years down the line and it remained my favourite. In my highs and lows, happy and sad moment, it stayed bringing relief, brought smiles to my face and sweetness to my insides. I was in love. Needless to say, that I had far well become an addict. It became my fix and favourite go to. We had what I’ll like to call a working relationship. We were happy.

Till one day. I came home, tired and unhappy because I had had a long day. I searched everywhere and didn’t find it. A part of me broke inside. Should have occurred to me to stop here, but nah, I persevered. I’ll check again tomorrow I told myself before I slept that night. (I didn’t realize at this point that I was fighting for something) All through that week, I searched every nook and cranny, saved myself for it, asked everyone I knew but to no avail. It was nowhere to be found. I checked all our favourite places, went to the most unlikely places in search of it, still no sign of it. My heart broke a thousand times over. At this point, I should have given up, but no, I was in too deep to run, I couldn’t leave now. Finally, after weeks of constant searching, I found it in the arms of another😂 cool and sitting pretty. Such betrayal. But I kept cool, maybe that wasn’t mine. It probably just looked like mine. I asked and alas, it was. How could I get it became the problem so I devised a plan on how to get my love back😂 I would not bore you with the details of the retrieval as they’re inconsequential to the point I’m trying to make.

I got it back, satisfied and content, utterly fulfilled. I had fought the good fight and I had won💪🏾 In victory and glory, I carried my prize to my lips, squeezing it tight. That was when it happened😭 My Ribena, burst open and poured to the ground😂 Every single drop of it. I sat on my bed and shed tears.

I had fought and I hadlost.

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