So I thought long and hard for weeks on how to wrap up this series. I went through dozens and tons of ideas in my mind and heart and nothing seemed quite right (Probably because I was reluctant to end it, it’s been such an experience for me) Massive thank you to everybody who took out time to read the posts, to everyone who commented and every heart that was blessed by the posts, you inspire me to keep doing this❤️

Now that the mushy talks are out of the way, let’s delve into the heart of today’s matter. It’s not a story, or an experience, I don’t have any insightful pictures. Today it’s about you, yes you, it’s a gentle reminder that at this point in your life where you are, you are the best version of you that there is because you are breathing and walking perfection. Have you made mistakes? Yes. Can you be better than this? Of course? Is your heart hurting maybe? Do you feel misunderstood? Probably. How about your flaws? I’m aware.
In the process of writing and posting this series, I realized how much people are struggling and how many things people are battling with. I wasn’t able to cover them all, I would have loved to but there’s really so many of them and in discovering this was the understanding that at the heart of all of this struggle was a common issue of Acceptance. Accepting that all that’s overwhelming you right now doesn’t make you any less of the person that you are. It doesn’t change the fact that you are loved exceptionally and that love is working things out in your favour. You might not see it, it might not seem like it at the time, but you have to trust – trust in the bigger picture. It’ll get better than this, I promise❤️

You are not your struggle or your pain or your hurt or your headache. You are special and beautiful and amazing and a gift to the world. The world is lucky to be graced by your presence! YOU MEAN THE ENTIRE WORLD TO SOMEBODY! Even the devil knows this – he was speaking to the owner and General overseer of the entire universe and even the whole world was not enough bargaining price for you. That’s how priceless you are. Remember this when it feels like you’re tired of everything and you just want to give up. You’re worth it – everything you think that you deserve (probably more than you even think you deserve)

Love the person that you are right now, in the space that you are right now. Not tomorrow when you think you’ll become better, or the person you think you can become. Love you now! Right now, in this moment, hearts open wide, secrets and flaws displayed in the shelves of your mind, heart dancing in rhythm to the fear of not being enough, right now, just as you are. Love yourself with an unmatched ferocity because you were created to be loved – unapologetically and wholly. This is what being bare is about. Seeing all that you are, knowing all that you’ve been through and accepting yourself still, loving the reflection in the mirror because all day, everyday, you were and still are, worth dying for. He would do it a thousand times over if he needed to, you’ll always be worth it.

    – To anyone reading this who is sick in their hearts, minds or bodies especially. I speak healing into your lives, I pray as you read this, you feel his touch coursing through your entirety.

Thanks for going through this journey with me. I love you all so much! I’ll like to hear from you. Which was your favourite post in the bare series? Which one spoke to you the most and why? Leave a comment or get in touch with me on any of my social media accounts💕

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