Bare #7 – Hard times

There is something about the unknown that absolutely scares me to death. That feeling of not knowing what’s next, how to go forward, what to do, were to go, if it’ll be fine or worse, if you’re right or wrong. Will the pain in your heart stop? Would it get better? Or would this open the door to pain of a new kind, is this freedom or death. Will I drown? Or sink or swim. What if I float?😭 You see how rapidly my mind churns now yeah?

Let’s speak about the waves a little bit, they come with all ferociousness, with a force that’s almost quite threatening but that’s all it is, a huge mass of water that never flows past the shores of the beach. If you stand close enough to the water on the beach, you’ll feel the waves crash around you and in that moment, when the waves rush at you in all it’s fiery essence, you scream because you’re almost scared it would swallow you. I remember saying to myself one time “Is this really how I’ll drown and just die?😂” The waves come fiercely and wash over your feet and if we’re being honest, it’s not just scary but also quite thrilling, that rush of adrenaline that washes over you in sync with the mass of water caressing your feet. Sometimes, the waves come so hard that the water almost gets to your thighs (These are the scary ones) and in that moment, you dig your feet tightly into the sand to keep yourself from being pulled by the wave, sometimes you grab the nearest person (who is most times my stronger friend who is not screaming half as much as I am) and you stay in that position till the waves die down and then you laugh about it – how scared you were, how nothing happened, how you’re fine, you laugh about it all. Ever noticed how much worse the waves feel the closer you get to the water? Stand on the beach and you don’t feel anything at all. You just watch it all happen. Move a step closer, right by the shore and all it does is washes at your feet. Another step in and it gets to your ankles, then to your knee and if you’re brave enough to waddle in a little more, it almost gets to your waist. What am I driving at?

Some times, life reminds me of the waves. I often think about how it must have been for Peter when Jesus asked him to join him in doing the incredible – walk on water. This wasn’t just an average, everyday, still beautiful lake like water, it’s not the type that we see in pictures. This was wave consumed, ferocious, seriously angry and aggravated seas. Think of turbulence, crashing waves, strong winds, thunder and everything that the sea looked like when the titanic was sinking and God was calling him to walk on this water? Not stand or feel but actually walk? Bruhhh. Even the people in the titanic panicked and they were inside the boat😂 How dare you try to walk on water that was akin to sinking sand? Sea that was drowning people and capsizing ships.

So I get it to be honest, I get Peter’s fear. It’s easy to say focus on jesus and not at the sea so you don’t drown till it’s your turn to get out of the boat and walk. Lol. It’s my turn now and this is my predicament. I’m scared, full stop.

Funny thing is, somewhere deep down, I know it’ll be fine but right now, at this present moment, the way I’m sure it is some days for you too, it’s just hard to not be scared and this is the raw, honest sincere truth. You think of everything happening now and things to come and you just bend beneath the weight of the waves (life). His message for me today is simple – Trust me.

The path I am calling you to walk on might look scraggly and lonely and scary. Yes, I’m aware of the waves crashing at your feet but that’s the thing about waves. They’re not strong enough to drown you. (Except you jump right in of course) but standing here, on the shores of my love for you, I hold you firm. Don’t bend beneath their weight. Don’t give in to the pull. They’ll come strongly and fiercely and scare you and probably make you scream but I hold you close. I hold you safe in my arms. I am calling you out of your comfort zones and yes, the deeper you come, the stronger the waves will become. You feel them almost on your waist now because I’m calling you deeper, you are not at the place you were before but rest in this – They will not drown you. I have called you to walk ON water to rise above the waves and show them who is boss. You are stronger my darling! Much more stronger. You are fiercer and together, we’ll walk above the waves, trampling them beneath our feet where they belong and tomorrow we’ll be laughing at it all. Stay strong, trust me. I know you feel alone now but I am in the wind and the skies, in the sunset and in your tears. You’re not alone💕 The only thing I want you drowning in is my love for you❤️ Song for the week – Trust in you by Anthony Brown and group therapy

Food for thought – If perfect love cast out all fear and perfect love camps and dwells on the inside of you then why are you still afraid?

7 thoughts on “Bare #7 – Hard times

  1. These series has been a blessing to me nd most importantly it has been greatly inspiring. More grace nd anointing IJN. I will miss u just a little😙


  2. Yea I had to download that song…. really touched me. Its never easy, but as long as you focus on Jesus, hard times becomes good timesm …. God bless you Eva more grace………… @Ibukun, where’s Oreva going to?


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