The struggle to make things happen is really tough. I know I’m still young and I don’t have to figure everything out right now but look at my mates making waves! I mean, last week Bola told me about one business she just started. From the way she talks sef, you’ll know she’s up to major things. Yesterday I heard Bisi just got an extremely heavy paying job with XYZ. Now David is talking about one programming convention he’s holding next week and I’m here just complaining every day and still in the same place. I’m honestly tired. Look at 2017 flying with so much urgency, it’s almost 2018. Once this NYSC year is over, I need to have something tangible to do. I can’t afford to become a member of the furniture set in the house. O sweet Jesus, ya girl’s tired. I’m tired of thinking, making empty plans, just tired. I’m tired of being tired. I’m afraid I’ll remain average till I die. I need to make moves! I need to do something important!

Baby, you worry too much. It’s funny. Have you forgotten? My plans for you are of good and not of evil. Everything will turn out to be for your good, I promise. At least, you can now see that your complaints won’t change anything. Those plans in your head, why not write them? Little drops of water bebe. I make all things good in due time. All you have to do is trust me. Have I ever let you down? Guy, you should know me better than this. Be still, relax ya navs. Focus on our journey together. Quit trying to rush. Don’t compare your journey to any other person’s. I’m going to blow your mind. Write your plans, you know the right steps to take cos I’ll be with you all the way (never left tho✌🏾). You’re so funny. Fretting over things I overcame for you. Rest.

Abba. Lol I feel so silly. Well I’ll try to trust in you.I know you have given me all good things. I know you are making crooked paths straight. It just gets tiring.

My gorgeous twin. Blue looks so good on you! A true queen.
That’s not the issue right now. Thank you. What about my stress? My life that feels empty?


Stop😭 I didn’’t come here to be happy. Let me complain in peace

Babyyy. You keep casting these cares and then taking them right back. You know I got you from before you were formed till eternity. Not a day passes that I don’t think about you. Your angels are blessed to have you. All of heaven is in awe of you. You remind me of myself every time I look at you. You need to see what I see. Everything will work out perfectly. Stop trying to hurry your process. Live in this our moment, one day at a time. You have big things to do. Things that will seem insignificant but will make massive impacts on the right people. Just trust me. You are so focused on what other people are doing that you can’t see the beauty in your own journey. So, does blue really look that good on me?

Have I ever lied?

Nope! I love you so much!

Not as much as I love you though.

Sigh. Is this a competition?

Dear reader, special note from Abba to you:

Each snowflake is unique. Unique in beauty, structure and purpose. Look at the beautiful snowflakes My lovely. You shine brighter than they do on the foggiest of nights💘


This post was written by a lovely friend of mine – Akinsiku Fiyinfoluwa (I call her fiyin) Check out her blog – A lot of the time, like fiyin, we get worked up about the unknown and at times like those, it’s hard to trust. If you’re anything like me, you like to have things all planned and figured out but like Jer 29:11 states, his plans are always of good to bring us to an expected end. So if it’s not good, it’s not the end. Relax, Chill, papa’s got you 💕

4 thoughts on “BARE #3 – PANIC ATTACKS

  1. You are so focused on what other people are doing that you can’t see the beauty in your own journey.
    You are so focused on what other people are doing that you can’t see the beauty in your own journey.
    I’m loving this a thumbs up for Fiyinfoluwa
    Thanks Eva for sharing


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