I’ve always loved art. The way every painting told a story. Each brush stroke, each colour, each shadow or hue reflecting the artists heart. I would stare at a painting or image for hours and try to figure out what the story behind that beautiful artwork was, no matter how absurd or abstract. Few weeks ago, as I lay on my bed, a stray thought came to me as I conversed with the love of my life (Holy Spirit) What if each and every one of us was a painting by the creator? What if every second, every day was a simple beautiful brush stroke by the master artist? I will not bore you with my long train of thoughts after that, safe to say that my mind went ballistic. This series however, was the end product. What is bare about?

Beneath each person you meet is a story untold, behind their eyes is a part of them they wish the world would never see. A pain they’re struggling with, greatest joys they’re afraid to share because they don’t want people to know, the scars they carry, their real funny self that only their mirror and family members benefit from. Their quirks, insecurities, personalities and lives. A lot of people show the world what they think they want to see. What is really beneath that mask? What are these untold stories beneath the pretty colours and well put together frames?

In the course of the coming weeks, I’ll be using pictures to tell stories. Real stories. Some of which were shared with me, some of which are mine and the rest revealed to me by the Holy Spirit. These stories will cut across so many issues, some might even sound like yours😂 no worries. It’s proof that you’re not alone. This is different from anything I’ve ever done and in the spirit of being honest, I’m scared. I’ll release a story every week till the end of the series. Your only assignment is to read, be blessed and share.

First story comes out this Friday. I also wanted to get your opinion on what days of the week to release the stories. Mondays? Sundays?….etc You can leave a comment to let me know what you think. If you have a story too you think you’ll like to share, doesn’t even have to be that deep. Lol. Doesn’t matter how flimsy it is, you can send it to my email –

Instagram: rehviie

Twitter: @glahmiee

Or write to me on Facebook: Oreva Ode-Irri

I pray more than anything in this world that he reaches through to the very core of your hearts through this series and that you see the depth of his love through every word that I write. I love you all. Stay reading❤️

Photo Credit: Justin Jamgbadi

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