Love at first sight

I’ve always said there’s nothing like Love at first sight. Argued it even, how did that make any sense? That you would see somebody and instantly just fall head over heels in love with a person you do not yet know, a person with whom you’re not even sure you can bare your soul, a person whom for all you know has a smelling mouth. You just look at this person, take them all in and fall in love? Nah. Didn’t make sense to me.     Like someone? Yeah maybe. Say attraction then that makes sense. Even admiration or having a crush on someone by merely seeing them held more appeal, it made more sense. But to say that you love someone at first sight?😂 I would laugh you off as having no understanding or no true meaning of all that love is – The depth, the width, the intricacies. You would seem shallow in my eyes and that would be the end of that discussion. 

     Yesterday though, the funniest thing happened to me. I saw ice cream. Now anyone who knows me, knows how much I love ice cream but there was something different about this particular one and for someone who has tasted way too many types and flavours of ice cream, this does not even sound right but yeah, I saw this ice cream sitting beautifully on top of a waffle in no spectacular flavor or colour just plain old, sweet, yummy ice cream and in that moment, there and then, I wanted it. Now, I’ll have you know that at the time, I had ice cream in front of me, I was even having it with cake (my favourite combination) but yet, I wanted that one that my heart had connected with. In that moment that the plate passed me, I knew that I would do absolutely anything to make that ice cream my own😩 (And hell yeah, I did) The milestones I was willing to cross just to have this ice cream that I had no clue if it would be sweet or even half as yummy as the ones I had had, were endless. I just wanted to have a taste of it. Funny thing is, it didn’t even look yummy😂 I just really wanted it. What am I driving at? I know that this my little experience in no way compares to what I’m about to say, but go with me please. 

        In that moment of rogue craving, I realized something. Adam’s love for eve was love at first sight. Even better, Gods love for me, was love at first breath. From the moment he conceived the thought of me in his heart, he had already loved me. So much so that he didn’t let the thought of me remain a dream or an imagination. He had to give life to his thoughts and voila! Here I am. He was in a place were he was desperate for us. He wanted to have us for himself by any means necessary. Why? To just love us, recklessly and outrageously. I also realized that love in itself is reckless and quite frankly, careless. To love in full is to give all of you without abandon. So when you need a reason to love, then it really defeats the purpose. The love you have for someone in that moment, that first sight, is it the same you have years down the line? Probably not because love grows with understanding and over time, the connection deepens as bonds are formed. But this is not about our human loving capacity (even though there’s so much I can say about that from this analogy) that’s for another day.

      Today, I want to talk about the way, at first thought, first breath and first sight, Abba loved you. Not liked, not crushed on, not even admired, he absolutely LOVED YOU👅 You were the first of his creation that he did not simply speak into existence (not that this demeans any of his other creation) but he actually “moulded” – Intimacy. Craving contact with you before he even knew you😩 He was in love with all he knew you could become even if you didn’t actually become that, he loved you anyway. It’s like Romeo choosing to love Juliet, knowing beforehand that they would both die. Knowing all the casualties and still choosing to love all the same. 

    The beautiful thing about love is that it comes with a desperation and insistence that births action. Just like I did with my ice cream. Even before I crossed all the hurdles to get that ice cream I had made a decision to. I was ready to, for an ice cream I hadn’t even yet tasted😂 Jesus was ready to die for you even before you knew you needed him to. So is love at first sight a thing? I don’t know. But I know that love is a decision and not a feeling. It is a making up of your mind to go all the way come rain, come shine, learning, knowing and giving all of you to the other person. I also know, that from the moment he saw you in his minds eye, Jesus decided. He LOVED YOU! He still does❤️

     “You are loved more than you’ll ever know by someone who died to know you”

Eph 1:4 – Meditate on this, let it sink. 

One thought on “Love at first sight

  1. Yes God’s love is the love that needs no reason to love. That is indeed love at first sight, a love without consideration, familiarity or projection of what you would end up as.
    Nice write up Eva


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