Relationship bants 

A friend of mine recently said to me “Oreva, you give pretty decent relationship advice. You seem to know about these things. Why don’t you blog about that?” 

Seeing as she was not the first person to tell me this, I decided to put that into consideration. 

In light of that, I’ll like to announce that I’ll be starting a new segment on the blog that I’ll term “Love, relationship, life”  In this segment, I’ll explore issues concerning love, relationships and how it pertains to life. I’ll also addresss questions and dilemmas if need be. I would be posting forthnightly, to achieve consistency. (As time goes on, it might change but I’ll start with that)

   So that being said, if you have anything you’ll like me to discuss along these lines, or issues you’ll like to see me address, send me an email at (Questions are also welcome)

I look forward to hearing from you💕

Oh. And a little fun game we can play. I’ll like to hear from you. What were your favourite posts on the blog for the year 2016. Leave a comment below. I’ll like to know which ones spoke to you or touched you or you just particularly liked and why. Thanks. 

             Yours always, 


3 thoughts on “Relationship bants 

  1. Great idea Oreva. Me I like relationship talks so I’ll be all ears, sorry, all eyes☺.
    Blogging about it forthnightly is also a great idea, apart from achieving consistency, you’ll be disciplining yourself to write frequently and achieving mastery.
    I liked the post you talked about the accident and how God helped you through (something about the doctor telling you not to move).
    I also liked the post you shared about how you were to lead a song but embarrassed yourself😂(because I like to laugh).
    Happy new year!


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