Dear Mojisola

It’s been a while I wrote a short story. Lol. Today is #Dmyourcrush day on Twitter. In light of that, I decided to write something short. I hope you like it.


      I see how much you hate tomatoes. I watch the way you pick them out from your Jollof rice which is funny because the backbone of that sweet rice that you love to eat is tomatoes so I don’t really understand. Maybe you just don’t like to see them in your food.

      How is Bruno by the way? And I don’t mean the gateman in your house who was recently sacked. (That man never greeted me back) I’m referring to your dog. Why did you name your dog after your gateman though? (Not that I’m judging you) Or did the dog come before the gateman? If he did, that must have been so funny – your gateman walking up to your home saying “Good afternoon, my name is Bruno”

      I can almost hear you laughing at that in my head, a sound which is almost too pleasant because your laughter sounds like a beautiful cacophony of butterfly flutters. It’s amazing how little sound your mouth produces when you laugh, makes me wonder why you open your mouth so wide. (I wonder how it is when you cry. Do you even make a sound? Is it weird that I would love to see you cry one day?) Every once in a while, I watch you cover your mouth with your hands when you laugh. Are you insecure of your laughter? Or is it your big beautiful teeth? Whichever the case, you need not be insecure about anything.

         You are magic. You are a combination of all the weirdest and finest things which truthfully, makes you beautiful. You are more than dust and bones. You are spirit and power and the full image of God. You have no idea how much the room lights up when you walk in. Like I said, you are magic and that means you are pretty unexplainable. No one can understand how you do it. Your individuality is your gift and yours alone. Forget your knock knees and the gap in your teeth. You’re an artwork, a very beautiful one.

        Have you ever been in love before? Not the binding one that keeps you forever wanting or the kind that only takes from you. I mean, the kind of love that sets you free. The kind that doesn’t stop trying. Not because you deserve it, but because that’s what love does. The kind most people don’t even know exists. 

      I talk too much Mojisola. All I wanted to ask is, Do you have salt in your house? Because it’s like our own has finished. If you have, please let me know because I’m about to prepare egusi that has no rival. 



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