Getting to know me

Hello darlings. Here’s the profile post I promised to put up in my anniversary post. (Here’s the link for those that never got the chance to see it Anniversary post) This post has been long overdue, I apologize for that. So without further ado, here goes…

 – I love Jesus. Most of you should know this by now, as per my blog posts. He’s my perfection. (This means I’m as flawed as you are. I’m not superhuman. Lol)

– I love to cook. But laziness overthrows desire sometimes. I love to try out new foods. I’m forever practicing a new recipe I saw somewhere🙈 And yes, for those of you who asked. I’m a foodie😭 I love sweets the most (This is basically anything that is sweet. Junk and the likes) Ribena and Ice cream still top the list though. Ribena is my cure all😂

– Someone asked who my favorite bible character is. Hmmmmn🤔 There are just too many of them to pick a favourite😭 But my favourite bible story is Hosea and Gomer’s story. All day, everyday🙌🏾 You should hear me talk about it. I could go on and on for hours and not run out of things to say (I’m usually very passionate about it😀)
– I don’t get why they say “As sweet as honey” That thing is not sweet😭 That cliché must have come up in a time when sugar hadn’t been manufactured.

– I think people who rape other people are just the worst. I have a heart for people who’ve been raped or abused or are living below their potential. I’m passionate about self development and growth. 

– I like books. Not school books. Okay maybe sometimes. But I basically love to read (Especially novels. Inspirational books take me forever to finish😭) and I love to learn about new stuff.

– I can be a loner sometimes. I like my own space. But when I eventually talk, I tend to talk too much. I blab when I’m nervous. 

– I am a teddy bear lover. 

– I don’t have a favourite colour😭 Used to be pink back in the day but I think I’ve outgrown that. Lol

– I was born on the 20th of April. 

– I watch series an awful lot. And sometimes, I get really attached to the characters. (Especially Grey’s anatomy. Every Grey’s anatomy fan would understand this) This happens to me with books too.

 – I love music and singing and instruments. Lol, that’s all part of music so I just love music😀 I Iike to sing. Not that my voice is genius but I still do it anyway. If you play the guitar, or have a mad voice. I automatically love you. 
– I’m sometimes clumsy. Lol, I tend to forget things a lot

– I have mad love for art. Even though I can’t draw to save my life 
– I have 4 sisters and no brother. The love I have for them is everlasting. 

– I play too much. It’s annoying sometimes😭 

– Last but not least, I’m grateful to you guys. All of you who take out time to read my blog posts and those of you who go further to leave a comment. God bless you all. You’re the reason why I do this. 

Yours always,


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