Hello guys, so I just realised that it’s exactly two years since I’ve been blogging. Whoop whoop!

To everyone who has ever commented, Thank you. Your comments give me life all the time, you’re my motivation.

You guys that have been reading my every post, following me through this journey, Thank you. You’re the reason I’m still blogging.

To the Holy Spirit who stays enlightening me and giving me ideas, Thank you. You’re my inspiration.

That being said, to commemorate this anniversary, I’ll do a getting to know me post. *Inserts round of applause* Over time, I’ve had people ask me questions like “What are you like in person?” “Are you a foodie?”……etc Majority of the people who follow my blog barely know anything about me. So I’m ready to answer your questions now. Send me your questions, and I’ll go through them and answer each of them one after the other in a single post.

P.S It doesn’t have to be questions pertaining to me (questions on my profile and person). If there’s something you’ve been wondering on pertaining to life, God and issues in general or something that’s bugging you, you can also let me know and I’ll also try my possible best to reply you in the ways that I can. Also, whatever feedback you might have concerning the blog – suggestions, corrections, opinions and the likes – they are also welcome.

Send all questions and enquiries and feedback to my email or leave a comment if you like. Thank you for reading once again, I look forward to hearing from you.

5 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. You are welcome rehviie…. You have really been an inspiration to so many lives not leaving mine out…. God will continue to enrich you and fill your hearts with his love…. Keep up the good works #1 fan. ♥♥♥♥♥Love ya


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