How I graduated without my first class

For those of you who came here expecting some hot gist, Lol, let me just burst your bubble now. What I’m about to dive into in today’s post is in no way related to the topic above. *dodges evil glare* No vex, i just needed to get your attention. I guess it worked, didn’t it? Well, now that we’ve established that fact, let’s dive right into the matter for today. As most of us might already know, I graduated last week. (Whoop whoop!) So much has happened within the past few days, but there’s one that i’m just aching to share. It’s the story of how the sun rose, how he came through and maybe, just maybe how i might have graduated without my first class (You see, your coming was not in vain) Lol, just kidding, it’s just a simple story of how faith moves mountains. I’m serious this time!



‘ “Come” he said. Then Peter got down out of the boat, walked on the water and came toward Jesus” – Matthew 14:29

For the sake of the story I’m about to tell, I need us to remember that Jesus had said to peter “Come” before he ventured the impossible and tried to walk on water.

What do you do when God tells you to do something and it flops? When what you’ve prayed for doesn’t seem to be getting any answers?

Pray, even when it doesn’t make sense. Pray, even if it doesn’t feel right or even if it feels like your words are just bouncing off the roof. Pray, though your mind brings to remembrance all the times your prayers were not answered. Pray, not just because it feels right. But pray, because he hears you, he sees you, he understands and he’s the only one who can help you out. Even if he decides not to, trust me, he’s your best bet. And when you pray, make sure you trust blindly and believe with all your heart because that’s all prayer is, diving off a cliff, insecurities and uncertainties out in the open dangling like an unclipped banner, its falling and trusting him to catch you when you fall. So you bare your heart and all of yourself, and just trust, trust him with the words you say, you trust him with your heart.

Shalewa sat on her bed, depressed, trying so hard to fight the tears in her eyes. Tears that would keep her company the night to come, and probably the following ones after that. How had she been so careless?

“I’m too young to be this clumsy, for my brain to omit things like this” She thought to herself.
Earlier that night, she had been out with her family and friends and had the time of her life. Now, she sat forlorn on her bed, trying desperately to remember where exactly she had left her mother’s iPhone 6. What exactly was she going to say to her mum, especially considering the fact that she knew, more than anyone else that there was no money anywhere to purchase a new one, and even if there was, what would happen to all the precious things on the phone that were now lost and could never be regained. Who would ever trust her with anything again?

Following what had come to be her natural instinct to things like this that troubled her mind, she went on her knees and tried to pray, except this time, the words weren’t forthcoming. She had all the knowledge of things she could and probably should say, but she couldn’t bring herself to say them. Which approach should she use? Exercise her authority and speak into existence the things that be not as though they were? Or should she rebuke the devil, surely this had to be the hand of the devourer at work. There was also the option of pleading with God and asking him to be the omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient God that he is and bring the phone back to her. Something had to happen, she needed to pray but she wasn’t sure how to pray. She sighed as she realized that sometimes, too much knowledge could be a problem. Then she remembered the verse that said the spirit prays for us in our weaknesses, when we know not what we ought to pray (Rom 8:26) and so like clockwork, she started speaking in tongues, trusting the spirit to intercede for her and pray through her in the way that he thought best but she stopped barely two minutes in when a certain memory played in her mind and brought her to a screeching halt. It all seemed so familiar, she had been here before. In this same position, on her knees, tears streaming down her face, her lips moving in sincere prayers, in all the ways she knew how. She had been here before, about a month before, when she had also lost her iPhone and she had believed, she had believed that he had heard and it would return, but it never came back. She had been here before a couple of times before that when she had prayed tirelessly for her results, and for her dreams, and at one other time for the healing of a friend who had eventually died. She had prayed and she had believed and it never happened. Never had she once doubted in his ability to answer prayers but this time, it came unbidden like a splash of cold water, she was wasting her time. Everything happened for a reason, she had come to understand, so maybe God wanted this to happen too. A part of her head, the part that knew the truth fought the thought, but her heart disagreed. And so, she struggled, struggled to believe, struggled to do what had come to her so easily before, pray. Fast forward to endless tears and long hours later after a lot of regretting and replaying the scenarios while mentally adding the things she could have done and imagining ways in which it could have gone, she found the phone. At a time when she needed it the most, he showed up. And that brought her to a point of understanding – He heard, he saw, he knew, and in the times when it matters most, he does. That small gesture was an evidence of his attention to detail, his consistency.


A week ago, I was Shalewa, in the same shoes with almost the same predicament and I couldn’t bring myself to talk about it with anyone for fear that no one would understand my struggle. But I have had time to stew over it and he has had time to teach me certain things, some of which I absolutely just have to share. All my life, i have been a bit fearful of the unknown, the mere illusion that something is beyond my control sends fearful shivers down my spine and fills my head with thoughts that most often times, steal my sleep. In thinking about this, I realized how very similar I was to peter that day as he tried to walk on water. Jesus had called out to him to come and yet he sank. I have heard this story countless times with several different interpretations but yet, it never dawned on me, that his walking on water was in response to God’s call, in response to his command which brings me to the first lesson

#Lesson 1: Sometimes, God asks you to do something and yet it flops. Believe him still, look up to him still, his word is never faulty, find his arm stretched out to you and take hold of it. He’s your lifeboat.

#Lesson 2: God hears. Regardless of how many times you think you’ve prayed without getting answers, remember the times you didn’t even have to pray and he still came through. For every supposed unanswered prayer, there are dozen answered ones. Always remember that, the enemy tries to make sure you don’t.

#Lesson 3: Regrets will cripple you. Let go of the guilt that’s weighing you down, because that’s all it is – Deadweight. Whatever happened in the past, whatever mistakes you made are dead and gone and like all things dead, it should be buried. Let go of what you should have done and think of what you can do instead. Angels over ghosts. (I hope you get the drift)

Lastly, thanks for reading. More than this adding to the knowledge in your head, I pray that this touches a part of your heart and translates into something you believe. Trust what you know, and put it into action. That’s wisdom.

6 thoughts on “How I graduated without my first class

  1. Powerful one. I found myself in a similar situation a while back… I lost the desire to pray when i remembered something that i had prayed so dearly for. Like i believed, sowed seeds to that etc… But i later got to understand that it was not in God’s will for me to have that and it was a big mistake to even for a minute ignore the many prayers even the ones not verbally uttered he has answered.


  2. Thank youuu!!
    The Holy Spirit is the for us especially when we are weak. When we feel helpless, to remind us we are who we are and can do all we can do just because God has decided that it be like that. God bless you. May your words be His words continually!


  3. Yes!!!!…this is just what I needed for myself today…thank you for the post…my heart is filled with joy..because I’m totally at rest…rehviie keep up with the good works…God bless you


  4. There are 3 ways God answers prayers. 1. He says wait. 2. He say yes 3. He says no. Which ever way it comes God is never too late and God never makes mistakes. Prayer is like a cheque book, you can’t withdraw more than you have in the account. When you pray and God says no, that means that what you praying for is not meant for you, when He says yes, that means you are due for it but when He says wait that means you not yet due for it, some work needs to be done. Thanks Oreva nice piece.


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