“Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” 

        My senior cousin used to have a stuffed dog. You know those kind of dogs that are like 3D. Seeming very life like but void of any kind of life. I once asked her why and she said to me “I hate dogs. The feel of their skin against my body, The awful noise they make when they bark. But I understand the importance of these dogs in your homes. They scare the thieves away. So I met my pros and cons halfway. Who says you cannot eat your cake and have it?” 
I cannot forget the smell of vanilla wafers that escorted the laugh out of her mouth as soon as she was done talking. And that day, I had said to myself “This makes a lot of sense” Her dog was so lifelike that the people on the streets feared it. Each night she would dress it and keep it on her porch and no one dared to near her gates. For they had no idea that it was just a stuffed dog. She pampered this dog and spoilt it, dressing it with the finest of leashes and a even went all the way to getting a dog cage that resembled a palace fit for a king of Dogs.

Then one day, the strangest of things happened, foreign robbers attacked the streets. These ones had no knowledge of my cousin or her dog. They scaled the fence and jumped in before seeing the dog at her porch. Looking as ferocious as always. They instantly feared for their lives mentally concoting ways to leave without being decimated by the dog. But as they inched closer, they realised with startling clarity that something was off. You see, this dog did not bark. And this was unusual because all dogs bark. For no reason at all. They bark annoyingly. But this one was quiet for some strange reason. This was when one of them dared to touch the dog. His eyes grew wide in rage and astonishment. How did a stuffed dog look so real?? He wondered the amount of time and effort one would need to get a toy to look so real. He alerted his two mates and they shared in his rage. That was the day my cousin died (May her soul rest in piece) 

      That was also the day I learnt my lesson. Nothing beats an original. No matter how real that dog looked, it was not a dog because content is everything. A dog is only a dog because of who or what it is on the inside. That’s why cats cannot bark. It is not in their nature to. A decoration only lasts as long as the party is needed, in the end, it’s only the room the people remember. It’s only the room they refer to. It’s only the room that matters. Just like our hearts. It’s the only room that matters. And like a volcano, it erupts from the inside out. Every long lasting beautiful thing flows from the inside out…. Fountains, streams, taps…. The only things that are filled from the outside are empty containers. 

P.S this is majorly fiction. But the lesson is true…… Happy new month guys!

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