Happy ever After

And so it was that I met him.

He was funny and that was a charm.

‘The charm’ on the other hand was nothing specific.

It was specifically everything to the barest minimum detail.
The way he consistently made me smile.
And looked at me like I was of the rarest specie.
Of which, to him I was.
You see, he had never seen anyone like me.
I was different. Some might say special.
But in the true sense, I was ordinary.

Only that there was a little extra to it.
Slowly he took with him bits of my heart,
And made it into a fortress in which he protected with all his might.
We were a fairytale.
And like most fairy tales, I expected a happy ending.
You should know that I come from a world where dreams come true. 
I believe in princes and happy endings
I believe in magic. He was my voodoo.
And I, his muse.
So you might now understand how it was that I felt when we split.
Broken doesn’t even begin to cover it.
I thought he was my future. And realized I was staring at my past.
I tensed at the thought. There was no present anymore.
And so my present became bleak.
My eyes, a fountain of salty unhappiness.
Where was my happy ending? This isn’t fair. I had said.
But my story isn’t finished yet. 
The sadness led to depression.
And the depression, to a longing.
A longing to fill the void.
I had no clue what I was searching for.
But when I found it, I recognized it.
It came with an inner peace.
A piece of heaven….. And that is literal. 
I found myself, In him. No, not him. But he.
He who gave himself up in my place to die.
He to whom I owe my life and worth.
He who has now become the very centre of my existence.
My hero. My best friend. Also my maker.
He who is the firstborn son. Actually, only son of the most High.
I would stop here. As he is not the moral of the story.
I think back now.
To him who I thought was my everything.
I think of what we shared. And how it disappeared.
To the times where I wondered where my happy ending was.
And I see it more clearly now.
Like a light came on in my brain.
I had a happy ending. 
Leaving him led to my happy beginning.
I met the one who is the beginning and the ending. 

And in him, I found lifelong happiness.

Moral lesson: Lmao. Yes oh. After this long poem, there’s still a lesson. Edakun, bear with me. So back to our lesson for today. The fact that things don’t go the way you want them to doesn’t mean it’s a write-off. We spend most times looking for the ghen ghen when most of the time the beauty is in the details- that aspect that we most often overlook or fail to see because we’re so focused on the ‘big deals’. We’re often waiting for the magical to happen. Darling, the magic is in the little moments. 

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