I sat down in the supposed plush chairs of the lounge, trying not to think of the million different things clawing at my mind and craving for my indulgence. I just needed to hear that it was time. I had been waiting for almost too long. Holding my tummy in despair, I tried to remember the last time I had eaten proper food; My stomach growled in response. The hunger was real! That’s when I decided to get some food. After going in and out of three different food outlets, I decided I was no longer hungry. The exorbitant prices drove away whatever hunger I might have previously felt. Only for what? Half a cup of rice and semi fried dodo decorated with one leaf on the top. They even mise the onion rings😭. As I walked back to the lounge in which I sat, I quickly got thinking about my ordeal of the day, everything that could go wrong had gone wrong and still I couldn’t eat a thing because everything in here was double the price it is usually sold outside. It wasn’t like I didn’t have the money, it just felt somewhat like I was being cheated and my friend, that is not a very nice feeling as an economist. I’ll rather give it to a beggar on the street. Anyhow, all the while, as my tummy started to grumble again and my head ached in frustration, the only question that kept ringing in my mind was “Please why are things so expensive at the airport”

Like is it because they believe that the only people who could afford flights at all have to have money to buy food whatever the cost? Or are the food and items sold in the airport for the elite only? I don’t really know. I never really got the answers to that. Maybe we pay for the AC too. Lol

But more than that, I realised the more disturbing issue. The nitty gritty of all my frustrations. What the real problem was. It wasn’t the food, or the fact that I was hungry to stupor *in Falz’s voice* No. That was just the last straw that broke the camels back. Truth was, I was just tired. I had been sitting for no less than 4 hours. After upsetting every previous plan I had for the day, there was no apology, no sign of remorse. As the announcer informed us over the PA system in a barely recognizable accent (I don’t know why they do that. Like why can’t they just speak normal Nigerian english that we can all understand instead of trying to imitate a foreign accent and doing a very lousy job at it. Wasn’t even an international flight) that was too hard to understand or decipher properly, that our flight was finally boarding, I packed my belongings and made my way to the gate. All the while wondering ‘aren’t they even sorry?’ That was my real problem. The fact that my flight had been delayed for that long without even the slightest sign of remorse like it was within their rights to do so. People have plans and lives (some even missed appointments and important business meetings) But yet still, I don’t think it matters that some of us are just hungry. 

Moral lesson: Lmao. I know, I know. It was just a cool story. But there’s gotta be something to learn yeah? As we walked towards the gate, I overhead a woman say “That’s how they are. Get used to it” and I thought to myself ‘Why?’ Acceptance paves the way for mediocrity. You are not totally free Until your thinking has been transformed. Slave mentality keeps you acting like a slave. Don’t get comfortable with the norm just because…… If it’s not okay, it’s never okay. Dare to think outside the box. 

P.S I ended up buying the expensive food. A hungry woman is a desperate woman.😂

2 thoughts on “Wahala

  1. I have been thinking this to myself: you are communicating with (majority) Nigerians in Nigeria, your accent is untraceable, no one understands what you are saying, when did clarity in communication become unimportant?


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