An ode to my messiah

Merry Christmas everyone. I’m hoping we’ve had our fill of all the goodies that were served today. Or if you’re like me, you spent so much time in the kitchen that you’re too tired to eat any of it when it’s finally ready (I’ve never really understood this logic😭 But trust my mother to make it a tradition)

Anyways, all through today…. I had been doing a lot of thinking. Mostly about the season and the reason for the season. And I kept asking myself what all the fuss was about. Before I continue, I’ll like to say that this is not your regular Christmas post telling you Jesus is the reason for the season. You should know that by now. I just want to paint a picture of what today stands for, and all that it means to me. You know how people write epistles on social media when it’s a friend’s birthday, well this is my ode to Jesus. Call it a love letter if you may…..

******* ******** *************

      “And let us make man in our own image and after our likeness” 

This was the very beginning. In your mind’s eye, you formed me. You pictured all that I could be and you made a decision. I am a product of your ever beautiful imagination and in the same way a man imagines the woman of his dreams, you thought of me and brought me to life. 

I am your masterpiece. With ever careful thoughts, you formed me. Bit by bit. Every strand, every curve; it was premeditated. So much so that you marveled at the beauty you had created. I am wonderfully and fearfully made. You had to put me in charge of everything else, you gave me the whole earth to micro manage. Gave me dominion. Put me in charge. It had to have been love at first sight. 

And with all of this, I dumped you still. Left you hanging and went to another man. The devil without disguise. He played with my heart and toyed with my emotions. Yet, I stayed with him. There was no other option for me for I was already a prisoner; Trapped in the circle of his lies. Regardless, you loved me still. Perfectly designing my escape from Satans trap. The ultimate prison break. You tried to get me back from him but he only wanted to trade. The chains were bound so tight only love could break. No price could pay, no amout large enough to afford me. He knew my worth and so did you. You made me to be PriceLESS. Not even the entire universe could be given in exchange for me. So without thinking, you gave your son. Sent him to come and give himself for me. But he couldn’t just come and die. He had to be human. He had to grow, he had to feel. He had to be born.

I imagine the day he was born. Heaven must have stood still as the prince of peace made his way down to earth in the lowliest of forms. That was the day history was made. 2000 years down the line and the world still hasn’t recovered from his effect. It was the birth of hope. The birth of grace. The birth of a saviour. The birth of a legend. But more than that, it was a gift.

 “For unto us a child is born, to us a son is GIVEN”

Better than any valentine gift a man could give to his lover. It was your all. And like a hopeless romantic, you sacrificed your all, just so I could be everything and more. If this isn’t love, I don’t know what else is. Your love so pure and true. Today, for me and you. More than the birth of a saviour king, it’s valentine. For this was the day heaven stood still as heaven came to dwell on earth. Then you threw the best after party. With the Angels singing Hosanna. As if it was nothing. The thing is it didn’t matter. As much as it might have hurt, Even if I didn’t love you still. You sacrificed Heavens best because to you, I am everything. 

Like the heart of a romantic, 

I can still feel him wooing me. 

Chasing relentlessly after my heart

Just like it was in the begining

Finding ways to make me smile, Giving me reasons to keep my eyes stayed on him

Not like he needed to go the extra mile though, I was already hooked from the start. 

So to my forever love and king charming, 

With all my heart and everything within me. 

I cherish you. I cannot breathe without you. Literally!

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