#TBT 26th November 

Dear Journal,

I often wonder. About quite a number of things. This post has no bearing whatsoever. Just a need to tell stories and ask questions that I’ve been wondering about for a while now… So the other day on Twitter, there was this banter about an engagement ring. Lol. Let me give you a little breakdown. Apparently, Some guy (Let’s call him Musa) proposed to a lady (We can call her Lola. Or no, maybe Angela), anyways these two had been together for quite some time now. She said yes but felt the ring he gave her wasn’t “good enough” cos it was just £400 so she went ahead, got a £3000 ring and asked him to pay for it. The nerve. Lol. Anyways, that’s not what this post is about. 

After seeing that, I just kept wondering…. When did it become about the ring? Or the wedding? Whatever happened to thoughts on the marriage itself? Or the relationship in its entirety. When did love stop being enough? How did it become a money making affair? When did we exchange temporary goosebumps for lifetime happiness. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about getting all that you deserve and if you can afford giving yourself the best then why not? But when exactly did it become a priority? And then it occurred to me. That’s not the only thing that’s different…..

Remember when to get a girl you had to go through hurdles and obstacles just to get through? Lol. In the days when there was no whatsapp and you had to compose love sms. (Some people even started making books on stuff like that) 

Remember the times that if your phone broke, you fixed it because it was the best to you. And you couldn’t start transferring all that you had into a new phone. Stress

Remember in the days when love songs were actually about how you felt and what the person meant to you other than the bomb night you had or her banging body. 

Lol. There was once a time when there were no quick fixes and no shortcuts. You had to earn things and in the end appreciate them because you’re aware of what it cost you.  

 Remember the times of halter necks and disco trousers (bootcut😭) There was also the show belle regime. We call them crop tops now. Lol

There was a time when baggy shorts and Durags (I hope that’s how it’s spelt) were the coolest. 

That and many more have changed. Perks of the 21st century, I guess. What can you remember? Let’s do a little throwback. Lol. Drop your comments below. 

Moral lesson: Lmao. Of course. What did you expect? There’s always a moral lesson. Yes. Times change. And seasons come and go. But is your change from within? To get you to a better place? Or do you just go with the flow and let the unstable tides of time and generations carry you with their waves? Are you a chameleon or are you a rose? Red no matter the weather. Time will continue to change. But like the intercept in an algebraic equation, be the autonomous variable (Forgive my maths analogy. It’s exam season)

Success in your exams guys! God be with you all the way. Love always, 


7 thoughts on “#TBT 26th November 

  1. Lol i remember when being a Nerd was cool, but now😫😫😫. And yeah those little text message books
    And they had this ones for lyrics too. We learnt those songs word for word to fill onpoint😄😄😄😄


  2. I remember when guys will get send letter to babes with the lyrics of Boyz II Men or Az yet. Very good one now the word love is dependent on material stuff no longer principles or the true feelings one has developed for his/her partner.

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  3. That thing about love songs so true! When it wasn’t about only her bodacious butt or the way she makes you sing down there. Love songs those days was about treating someone you love right, holding her close, keeping her safe and loving her for how much better she makes you as a person. Take me back!! 😭😭

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