To lose all hope

Sunday, 15th November 

Dear diary,

Today, I sat in my room and wondered how it must have been for the disciples to see Jesus die. Especially those who were really close to him. I mean, this was their main guy. The one who had healed the sick and turned water to wine and done all manner of ghen ghen stuff. To see him just die like that, like a stuffed chicken for Christmas. I tried to imagine the agony in their hearts and the horror in their eyes, The crushing feeling of their heart breaking within them. He was their friend and also their leader. All of them must have looked up to him in one way or the other, some wishing they could be as cool as him and others happy they were associated with him cos you know, there were always throngs of people waiting to see him. So let’s take a minute and imagine how this must have been for them. *dramatic pause* Lol.

Well, asides the heart break they must have felt, something else also struck me. They must have felt the loss of hope. They believed in their hearts that he was the messiah and then like a thief, he was shamefully hung naked on a cross. Humiliated in the worst ways possible. So much so that it took less than a second for all his fans to turn into haters. Shows how fast people can change mouth. Lol. But that isn’t the focus for today. As I was saying, I’m sure in the heart of let’s say… John, for example. He must have been thinking

 “This is the most powerful man that I know, up there dying just like that. What hope do we have? What was the point of all our believing and all his cool stories. Shey he has power, we know he has power. Why isn’t he coming down to save himself?”

It was while thinking of this that I realised something. Most times, just like the disciples must have felt on that day, we sometimes lose hope and get disappointed when God does not come in the ways that we expect him to. When we are faced with some circumstances and we pray and cry but still it seems like our prayers are just hitting the roof and our tears have been wasted. In our minds, we are just wondering why he’s not being the hero that the bible has described him to be. In times like this, remember that God rose from the dead. The disciples didn’t think he would rise again. In their little minds, that was the end and so they were disappointed. Because their minds could not imagine that he would rise again. Imagine if they knew before hand. As they were crucifying him, they’ll just be doing ‘odeshi’ in their minds. It’s like knowing the end of a movie before you watch it. You’re not bothered about what happens because you know how things will eventually turn out. 

So the very next time that something happens to you that you don’t understand, or you’re tempted to lose hope in God, always remember; You don’t know the end from the beginning. God will always come through for you. Just believe that he will. Your tears weren’t wasted. In fact, they’re precious to him. (Psalm 56:8) Remember the Hebrew boys in the fire? God did not take the fire away or turn it to ice like they must have been expecting. He showed up in the fire and show cased himself. So just chill. Relax. God is planning something big. He wants to put his signature on it. But like we all know, every masterpiece takes time. 

Lesson for the day: Don’t put a full stop where God has placed a comma. 

4 thoughts on “To lose all hope

  1. And Oreva strikes again! Lovely stuff sweetheart.
    God isn’t limited by our perception of Him and He doesn’t always show up the way we expect Him to… But rest assured, He always shows up.



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