6th November. Going through the storm


     Dear Journal, 

I used to wonder. Does a lion ever have bad days? Do they have mood swings like we do or go through rough times? Do they ever get depressed or down cast? Lol. I even googled it (Don’t judge meπŸ™ˆ) And then I remembered Lion king (if you watched it do like this πŸ™‹) Lol. Don’t mind me, we all know the ins and out of the cartoon. I don’t remember it all too well, But I remember simba being sad and angry and depressed at one time. But don’t worry that’s not the subject matter for today. We are not animals. Even though we can learn from them…..

What do you do when faced with the storm? When the strong winds shake the ship of your balance and you’re forced overboard…. I remember the first time I saw a rainbow. It had rained heavily the entire night before; The wind howling in its wake carrying with it every light substance that it could lift, Fiery thunder noises that sent me running to my mummy’s room at night. I thought it would never end and so I cried. Endlessly. Praying that the rains would stop and the scary thunder noises that set my heart racing and clawing for escape from my chest would stop. But it didn’t stop raining. And I didn’t stop crying. My mom gently told me the story of Noah and the ark. It made me smile but still, I got scared when the thunder struck. It went on like that till the next morning and the rain reduced to a drizzle. 

The next morning, I got ready for school and I stopped in my tracks as soon as I got out of the gate. Sitting there majestically in the sky was a faint rainbow. It didn’t look like the ones I had seen in my cartoons or picture books, but it was pretty all the same. And there, with my puffy eyes from lack of sleep and all that was going on in my little mind, I smiled. Not because the rain had stopped falling, or I because it wasn’t cold. I smiled because in the midst of the chaos, there was beauty in the skies. They used to say when the rain is falling and the sun starts shining, then a lion is giving birth. I don’t know how true that is, but I remember the calm and joy that filled my insides when I saw that rainbow. Almost like the birth of a new born child. Hope. I went to school giddy and full of smiles. The rains eventually stopped later in the afternoon. But I didn’t really care anymore. Because I had found my peace long before it stopped. 

Moral lesson: Without the rain, there would be no rainbow. Darkness makes it possible for you to appreciate the light. It gives the light the value that it has. So Do lions get depressed? I don’t know. But I know that we do have rough times every once in a while. Just remember in the midst of the chaos, there’s always a reason to smile. You’re not the first person, you’re not the only person. And you’re not alone. You will scale through.  

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