Journey to self discovery #4

Loving yourself 

      Before I get right in to the business of today, I’ll like to thank you for all of your wonderful comments and opinions. They’ve been really encouraging and tremendously appreciated. That being said, let’s move on.

   Today, I stood on my balcony and watched the sun set. This may seem weird but something profound occurred to me (As usual😭) It was the amazing co existence of the heavenly bodies (sun, moon and stars). The sun has a certain glow to it that sometimes, one has to squint to get a good look at it. As I watched it set in all of its magnificence, I thought to myself. Why doesn’t the sun shine in the night. It would be more noticed then. As it would light up the dark skies. But then I was reminded of the radiating heat that also came from the same sun. What is my point? The sun is a source of light which emanates its brightness from within. And as clear as the day is, it still shines bright enough to announce its presence. The light that comes from the sun is as a result of the properties that lay within. So as the moon. And the stars likewise. Each star shining as bright as it can without dimming the light of the other stars. The moon giving way to the sun at dawn because it has outlived its purpose. They understand their purpose and when it is they are to manifest. And most importantly, their glow and shine. All the impact they have on the skies come from within. The glow of the moon, the sparkle of the stars, the shine of the sun. All from within. This is why it’s important to know yourself. It’s popularly said that the more you know of someone, the more you come to love the person. So everytime I look in the mirror, I remind myself that I’m special and there can never be anyone like me. Learn to love yourself. Explore your potentials. This is what loving yourself is all about.  Understanding that you are beautiful in every way. Not because of the shape of your face or the grace in your movements. But because of the knowledge that there’s no one out there who can be you. Your uniqueness is your distinction. Knowing your worth and understanding the power that you carry is paramount.  

    Lesson #4  People slander the sun every single day (especially in Ghana. Lol) But nothing anybody says or does, diminishes its shine. It shines with all its might. Regardless of what anyone thinks. It does not adjust for other people. People adjust to it. Don’t change yourself to suit anyone. Even when things are tough, Don’t stop being you. Because as we all know, When the rains meet the sun in the sky, a rainbow is formed. 

3 thoughts on “Journey to self discovery #4

  1. Been wishing to come to that place where I do not adjust for anyone. Not because they are not good enough but because we all have our purpose and adjusting to fit them means forfeiting mine. Thank you because this has encouraged me to know that its not mean to refuse to change, its wisdom. People will either learn to love you as you are or relocate if you’re like the sun in Ghana lol.


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