The Release 

Hi guys. It’s been quite a while. Today, I want to share another piece from my very dear friend. I read  it and thought it was brilliant. Here goes. Enjoy……x

******* ******* ******* *******

I used to date a girl named Greed  wounded by her but she showed me no sympathy 
 I would give my all and she stripped me of my dignity 
Stripped me of my purpose, my morals and my temper,  
Stripped me of everything, I was in love with a stripper
She was the best date, but left my soul twisted and kept in the worst state 

And with her universal status, she had me living lavish 

When I said “I’m done with you!!” She said don’t be childish 
She knew about my sinful habits, she used to feed them

She offered me the fruit of lust, I used to eat them 

She took my freedom, warnings came, I wouldn’t heed them
And when I mentioned God she said I wouldn’t need him

What a tragedy! I got so used to blasphemy 

Cos blasphemy to God was a compliment to her  
She promised me satisfaction, and Mehn! I believed her  
I never knew she was the devils kid, and he’s the father of liars  
She introduced me to her siblings, pride and lust  
And cause I was so into her, I wanted them at all cost 
And even after I got all that I hustled after 
There was always something else I should’ve pursued after  
So the satisfaction she promised never came through  
And in that moment Christ’s love came through 

It was all I ever wanted, all I ever needed 
I never had to chase after stuff, it was part of the package  
 So greed became an Ex, and Christ became my Next, and I tell you, he is better than the Best

…….A poem by Unique! 

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