Journey to self discovery #3

TOO MUCH JESUS? (A brief talk on my beliefs)

   So very recently, someone asked me a quite profound question. (Out of sheer curiosity I assume) It was a very random day and I met her in the passing. She was a friend of a friend. With so much concern on her face, she said “I’ve read your blog a couple of times. It’s always Jesus related. Like very Christian” I must add that this was not said as a compliment seeing that her facial expression was a mixture of worry and subtle hints of confusion. Then the question came “Why?”  Mentally, I briefly echoed the question in my head and searched my heart for a sincere answer. What I said to her is the basis of what I’m about to discuss today. Pardon me. This might be a bit lengthy. Don’t leave just yet😭

Before I continue, brief question. Have you ever been so in love that you just can’t shut up about that person? You want to talk to the person almost all the time. You want the whole world to know just how amazing that person is. Especially if the person in question really is that awesome.  Yes? No? Okay. Well, if you haven’t experienced this, then you must know someone who has. A friend perhaps. And for someone on the receiving end, you must have wondered. “What is wrong with this one. The person is not even all that” Then if you’re the one who is in love, the reply often goes like this…..

You won’t understand. You don’t know him/her like I do”

Back to what I was saying. So just like I told that young lady that day, I’m saying it again for anyone who cares to listen. It’s really simple. The answer isn’t very far fetched. It’s because he’s my everything. Show me a person that can love me half as much as he does and maybe I’ll finally shut up about him. But you see, the thing is, I doubt that there is. Just like that boyfriend or wifey that you just can’t shut up about, he’s the cocoa to my chocolate. (I do not say this in an attempt to form overly spiritual. This is true stuff) At one point in time of my life I used to be very guarded. Being careful not to seem too spiritual. Or worried that someone might not want to give me the light of day all because of the beliefs that I held so dearly. But I’ve come to understand now, that it really doesn’t matter what anybody thinks. If people can go on and on about what is important to them without the slightest remorse – Stars and constellations, politics and art, maybe that Jollof rice you had from Mama Nkechi that sent your brain flying in a million directions, that fine girl whose number you failed to collect, the one you think you love, or that person that you hate. Then why can I not freely talk about the one to whom I owe my every breath. The one whose life is the air that I breathe. The one who loves me like none ever has. I love Jesus. And it’s almost impossible not to talk about him. Just in case you’re wondering, I care about those things too. Loving Jesus doesn’t mean I have no life. It just means its centered around him. And no. I’m not a spiriko. Neither am I rubbing this relationship in your face. Like the one who is in love, I’m saying you might not understand because you probably don’t know him like I do. Because if you do, it’s almost impossible not to love him too.

That being said, It is safe to say that everyone stands for something. In finding yourself, you have to know what it is you stand for. And in this very short life of mine, I have come to understand that it’s okay to stand for what you believe in. Take a stand. Not because it’s a popular opinion, or because you think it is what you’re expected to say, but because deep down within, you know without a shadow of a doubt that it is for real. Believe it. And own it. No one wants to stand on shaky grounds. This is Lesson #3

5 thoughts on “Journey to self discovery #3

  1. Until u knw HIM for yourself, u surely wouldn’t understand no matter how much people tell u abt HIM…
    As my dad says, if u dnt stand for something, u would fall for anything…

    Thank u Eva…


  2. Its not because I have no life. Its because my life is centered around Him… I’ll talk about him far more than Nkoyo’s sour sauce…
    I think one reason why we find it difficult to talk about Jesus is because our modern society has categorized conversations into personal and general. General conservation would include talks about events, places, TV shows etc. while personal conversation includes stuff like: how you got a rash on your bum, when your menses is coming, addictions!! Religion!!! Etc.
    So when you be like “oh Jesus did something great yesterday” they all be like “Woah! That’s some personal stuff, no one wants to hear it.”
    So how can we talk about Jesus without seeming awkward??
    For me its letting people know outrightly who you are, from the very first encounter they have with you..
    I know that’s the same thing you do for it’s super evident in your blog
    Nice writeup Eva… God bless you for this great work.


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