Journey to self discovery #2

     I watched Margaret strut around with her mismatched outfit and quite colorful shoes. I call her Margaret because I am not quite sure of her name. Yes. We are not friends. But at this point, I wish that we were. So I could tell her that the shirt and trousers that clung helplessly to her body did not go together. Neither did the very bright purple tint on her hair blend with anything she was wearing. Her bag was torn in the strangest of places and quite frankly, it wasnt supposed to be seen, much less carried outside. Her lipstick was a tad bit too much and her eyebrows reminded me of the wings of an injured bird. But still, she pranced around like she owned the place. No embarrassment whatsoever. Like she was oblivious to the stares she was attracting. She practically owned the room. I say this because every eye was glued to her. Not because she was the prettiest. I look down at my manicured nails and stiletto heels. My Chanel bag perfectly in sync with the beige pantsuit I was wearing. But in that moment, I understood something. One more stare at sister Margaret confirmed my assumption. And almost immediately, I envied her. She was confident. Horrible looks or not. And that’s all that mattered. Even with my top notch outfit, I didn’t possess the kind of confidence that she displayed. I could barely talk successfully to a bunch of people I didn’t know without stuttering. But there she was. Holding the room to ransom. It is not about what you’re wearing but how you wear it. Confidence is attractive. Like make up, it enhances your personality. This, I learned in 2 minutes from sister Margaret who had no clue she was my muse.

Lesson 2# You cannot sell what you don’t believe. If you don’t believe in yourself enough, no one will see your potential in the way that they should. Confidence stems from knowledge. The knowledge that you are all that you think you are. The knowledge that you matter. That you possess gifts the world is yet to see. Confidence is attractive. Stop hiding behind your doubts and insecurities…. 

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