Journey to self discovery #1

Peeling off the layers

‘Open up’ People always say to themselves. Without quite understanding the extent to which that statement goes. It’s a phrase I’ve heard a good number of times for myself. To open up is to come bare. Just as you are. Become vulnerable. Giving someone the very power to hurt you while trusting that they wouldn’t. Knowing them breaking your trust is the very ammunition they need to send the bullet straight to your heart. And so like me, a lot of people tend to build walls. Determine in our hearts that we won’t give other people the power to hurt us. Especially that one. The one who seems to be your Achilles heel. The very one to whom you can’t even begin to imagine the damage that it would cause. But somehow still. We trust. Become vulnerable. One would think that after all the defense, we would know better. But no. We still get hurt. And then we swear that we would never let ourselves get so vulnerable again. Just before it repeats itself. And I wonder why. Why is it that the very same thing we promise would not happen resurfaces like the next episode of a telenovela. Why is it that we cannot live a full life without trusting time and time again. Even when we’re all hardcore. Putting emotions aside and never letting the real you show for even a micro second. It works for a while, I think. Until there is a little crack and our wall of Jericho comes crashing down. That being said. I would like to mention. That I too, do not have the answers. I am simply posing a question. I have realized that baring ones self is one of the only ways to truly experiencing life. To trust is akin to hope. And what’s life without hope?  On this note, I will try to write as freely as I can. Baring my soul for the world to see (it won’t be easy though) But what good is my writing if it doesn’t tell the truth. 

Lesson 1#. What good is your living if it has no impact. You learn no lessons. You feel nothing. It is in the experience that we learn. And because we do not have all the power, we hurt. Not because we did not learn, but because the mistake for us was some sort of pleasure. 

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