To all whom it might concern……..x

******** ******** **********

Think deep.

What do you remember?

Let your mind take you to a place you would rather not go.

Places barred from the premises your heart. 

Places that hold stories untold.

Stories you would rather die than re live.

Do you remember now?

Maybe not.

Your barricades are seeming too strong.

Your defenses tightening with every move that you make.

You’ve shut the door too tight.

The weeds must surely be overgrown.

So let’s leave the remembrance for another time.

The storytelling for a time when it’s much easier

Let’s get to the heart of the matter.

What is it about ‘It’ that makes you so defensive?

Why is it that the mere thought of it sends you spiraling into a whirlwind of depression and self loathing.

A sprained ego. Perhaps. Or a broken heart.

Emotions abused. Trust misused. Taken for granted. Probably a stupid mistake.

Whatever the case, you hate to remember.

Eventually they slip away from the forefront of your mind.

But still they haunt you.

Your every action.

Every decision you make it.

Trust issues. Insecurities. Over reasoning decisions. Fear of the dark. You name it

But we attribute it to our personalities.

Even though we know the truth deep down. 

A secret well hidden.

Sometimes it crosses your mind before you sleep. But it’s long buried you say.

Don’t tell me you don’t remember.

Because it was on your mind as you read this through. 

 Let it go. Set yourself free….

P.S Just in case you have any questions or thoughts regarding this. Or any other thing that interests you. Maybe something you might like me to discuss. Feel free to leave me an email Or drop a comment. God bless….x 

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