Monday, July 13th

Dear diary,

I promised to write almost everyday. And tell my tales just as they are. I haven’t exactly been faithful to that. And on that note, I offer my sincere apologies. 

Have you ever laughed so hard that your tummy aches? Have you ever laughed to that ‘I can’t stop rolling on the floor extent’? Have you ever laughed so hard that for some reason you can’t tell exactly what the joke was but it stirred something up inside you and the wells of happiness inside of you seemed to explode? 

Well, the other day. I heard a woman laugh. This wasn’t the type of laughter you would want to hear early on a Friday morning. Loud and boisterous with some melodious ring to it. There was nothing special about the laugh. On the contrary, it was nearly annoying. Considering the fact that my morning wasn’t going so rosy. I had thought to myself. ‘Why is she laughing so loudly in public?’ ‘What’s the Joke?’ She was on the phone so I assumed the person on the other end of the line was quite the comedian. This was not really my business . So I jejely went my way and ignored it. Like the rest of the people who had passed by like nothing happened.

And then today. I laughed. (It’s not like I don’t laugh on a normal day) I laughed a lot. I have no idea why it was so funny but for some reason I couldn’t stop laughing. Somehow, the people around me started to laugh too. (You know how we Nigerians are. We like to form ‘among’)  And then someone asked me. ‘What’s the joke?’ And I searched my brain for the grassroot cause of this my infectious laughter. Nothing came to mind. I couldn’t explain what was so funny that had got me laughing that hard. At least, the reason I had in my head didn’t seem funny enough to be said out loud. This got me thinking. My mind immediately travelled back to the young woman who had disturbed me with her laughter on Friday morning. And I realized something profound. The woman had only laughed that way that day because she was too happy to be bothered about who was listening. Something had struck a chord inside of her that left her bubbly or giddy. She didn’t need an excuse to be out of her mind happy or express herself as she willed. Just like I didn’t today. Turns out I was just happy. And so for some reason, everything seemed funny. (The joke was funny too) My point is, it all came from the inside out. Like a volcano eruption. The bubbling heat starts from the inside of the volcano until it becomes more than the volcano can contain. Then it erupts in bursts of lava fragments. As pressure in the molten rock builds up, it needs to escape somewhere. And then Poof! It erupts. Just like she did that morning. Just like I did today. I was happy. Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Or laughs. As the case may be. It all starts from the inside. You get so happy and bubbly within that you can’t hold it in anymore. And then you laugh. Without a care in the world. As loud as you can. They don’t get it but you do. You are happy. That’s all that matters

Moral lesson:  

 Laugh all you want. Jump if you feel the need to. Sing to your heart’s content. And dance if the groove in your head is too tight. You have the right to be happy. Let no one take that from you. Not even your own self consciousness. If you’re not happy, no matter how funny the joke is, you would not laugh. Remember it’s from the inside out. Happiness is a state of the mind.

4 thoughts on “Monday, July 13th

  1. Okay, first of all, awesome!
    Then it got me wondering… Did you pose for this picture because of this post? Lol.
    (need I mention that it’s cute? Nah… I’m sure you knew that already)


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