Dedicated to my knight in shining armour and lover forever more…….

Taking away my pain,

You hid all of my shame

Even when I thought it was just a game.

You never once let me go insane 

With love, you stayed all through 

With tenderness, you cared for me

With your presence, you made me smile

With your faithfulness, you provided for me

And with your grace, I can stand to tell the story 

It feels ordinary.

To people who think contrary

But you’re my inspiration 

And I need no other motivation 

You’re always there

Forever available 

Saving me from trouble 

Like it was your job description 

You taught valuable lessons 

And there I was, not knowing it was a blessing.

You lifted me so high.

Even I am scared of the heights

But I have no fear of falling 

Cos you’ve always got my back

And about my problems,

I know you got that covered.

Heck, you sent Heaven’s best

Just so I can be the best.

People see me and they wonder 

The reason behind the thunder.

They do not know that you’re my perfection 

And with you, I need no other addiction.

You’re my hero

And I’m sure of my tomorrow.

Not because I’m that amazing.

But because of your love so amazing.

Jesus, you’re my hero.

Everything else is equal to zero.

P.s if you have any personal questions for me or issues you would like me to discuss, kindly send me a mail. I’m all ears. Orevairri@yahoomail.com

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