June the 4th

Happy new month guys! Today, I have an almost personal poem that I want to share.


 Melting heart. Perfect silence.
Push the thoughts to shelves beneath.
The mirror holds no solace.
But in it, I see the truth.
Which is funny because my sight is dim.
Although my eyes are open, I can’t really see
All I can do is feel. Of which my sight is one of my six senses.
Feeding my heart and soul with everything I think to be true.
But it doesn’t really matter.
We do not work by sight. Isn’t that what the bible says?
So on to the next issue.
But it doesn’t really matter.

Broken bones. Bruised heart.
All injuries on the inside.
Shielded from the world outside.
Like an internal bleed,
The cuts aren’t obvious to even I who claims them.
Only God knows how deep they run.
But slowly, the pain comes.
And it begins to reflect on the outside.
The defenses weaken and the mask falls off.
The world can see my pain.
But only because it’s too late.
It has already caused too much damage.

Troubled words. Mindless ranting.
I’m simply tired of acting the hero.
Tired of playing the queen.
Tired of the expectations.
The pedestals are the floors upon which I should walk.
Instead, I find myself buried beneath them.
I want to be me.
But who is me?

No more stories. Time for the truth.
Me is scared once in a while.
Me is happy sometimes.
I also have bad days.
I’m not perfect. But I can be.
Though I can do many impressive things,
I am not superwoman.
I get hurt. I cry. A lot.
I harbor insecurities.
With no safehouse to stock my doubts.
But that’s okay.
Because I am human.
But don’t get it twisted.
I am not ordinary.

Today’s lesson: In this new month and always, Feel free to be who you are. Express yourself in whichever way appeals to you the most. Don’t be afraid to show your vulnerability. It’s okay to cry sometimes. Or make mistakes. But never for one second think that you’re ordinary. You are loved by an exceptional God. He’s the super to your human. The extra to your ordinary. Always remember that……

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