So today I was thinking of God’s word in psalm 139. ‘You’re wonderfully and fearfully made’ And then I started to understand the very essence of this statement. To be wonderful means to evoke amazement. To arouse a sense of awe. That sort of aura that just sort of catches the attention of everyone around you. This means that even when God created us, he did it in wonder. He marveled at the beauty that he had brought into existence. It became love at first sight. Maybe you don’t get it. But this is a God that knows all and has seen all. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Takes him by surprise. But still he created you ‘wonderfully’. Full of wonder! Think about it for a minute! Then as if that wasn’t enough. He formed you fearfully. This doesn’t imply fear. But attention to detail. He was careful about your every curve. Every minor detail. Even to the number of hairs on your head. Nothing could go wrong.    After thinking about all of this at length (of course I can’t write all my thoughts) I realized how special we are. We are truly his masterpiece. It’s no wonder that the Angels marvel at how mindful he is of us. This is because we are his most priceless treasure. Get it? Priceless. No price is good enough. You know how they say where your treasure is, there your heart lies. Well, his heart is here. Do you still doubt that you’re a precious treasure?

Someone somewhere loves you unconditionally. Never forget that!

One thought on “Priceless

  1. Yasssss!!! This scripture is always my go to scripture whenever i’m having a second thought about anything. Very insightful and well written.


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