In the eyes of the beholder

This is a spoken word piece I wrote a while back. I wrote it in the first person. From the mouth of Jesus. I hope it impacts you in the way that it should. 


Look into the mirror.

What do you see?

The worry in your eyes?

Or the insecurities in your heart.

‘But those don’t show in a mirror’ you say.

If they don’t,how are you aware of their precence?

After all, faith works by sight.

If faith is synonymous to belief

Then I’m safe to say we believe what we see.

So look again.

What do you see now?

The spots that scream of your imperfections

Or the crease beneath your cheeks.

Why can’t your face be smoother?

Or your legs a little straighter.

A little tuck. A little expansion.

And maybe it would be alright.

But who defines alright?

What exactly is alright?

The pictures painted in our heads from a world that has lost its compass?

The pictures in magazines and from the screen of every television set.

Or is it the image you were given from the day you were born of what constitutes beauty.

Give it a thought. And realise the facade.

When you look in the mirror

And the image doesn’t measure up

We start to fret. And a part of us seems to die a little.

‘The mirror can’t lie’ we say

It was made to show me my reflection.

But how are you sure that is what you look like?

After all, it’s simply the product of a mans imagination.

Or invention. As some might choose to call it.

So let’s try this again.

Let me take a look at you

And tell you what I see.

I see perfection.

And beauty undefined.

I see a heart drenched with goodness

And a spirit that yearns to be free.

A mirror is merely but a reflection

Of who you think you are.

Change the angle. Or perspective.

And the image becomes different.

I see perfection. You see flaws.

In the eyes of the beholder they say. Beauty lies.

So please. Let me be your beholder.

With whose eyes do you see yourself? 

5 thoughts on “In the eyes of the beholder

  1. That last line though…. killed it “In the eyes of the beholder they say, beauty lies. So please, let me your beholder” #selah


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