25th April

The most beautiful moments. That moment when you see a smile on a persons face and know that you’re the reason they’re smiling. That moment when even with your disabilities you’re able to cause a tremor in the hearts of others. That moment when the sun shines at the eve of the day just to cheer you up. Moments you share with that person who can’t stop making you smile. Like its a habit. The moment when one beautiful butterfly perches on your finger and time seems to stop still. The breeze whistling the exact rhythms of your heart. That moment at sunset on the beach when the sound of the waves drown your worries. And as the water fades to a quiet calm, so does your heart. Sunset had never looked more beautiful. There’s the moment when a child laughs. Carefree and beautifully. You almost envy them in that moment. Then finally. The moment when I write this. When I finally put my thoughts to words and bring my heart to life. Express my imaginations. Nothing beats this moment. But in the end, it’s just a moment. It will pass. 

Moral lesson: Enjoy every moment. Live, love, laugh. Life is too short not to savor every blissful second. In the end, the memories we are left with is a compilation of the moments of our lives. Make it count. 


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