March 28th #The Ecounter

They said it was an accident.
   But all i remember was the journey back from church. And then a certain blackness. A bleak empty abyss of nothingness. Unlike the novels try to make it seem, it wasn’t even black. There was no color. Just like a deep sleep without the appearance of a dream. And then his words came to me

 “You’re special” 

There was something about those words. Not that it was the first time they graced my ears or how simple they sounded. It was something I was supposed to know. He had told me that the night before when I played with my life thinking it was all mine. But those words…… Hearing them at that time. Well, that wasn’t the end. He wasn’t done yet. He had more to say. 

“I still have need of you on this earth. I died solely for this. That you might live. I love you too much….”

 I didn’t wait to hear the rest. Or rather, that’s a speech for another day. I knew for sure that it was Jesus because it was as if those very words spoke life to my dead soul, re heated my passion, ignited my fading heart rhythms. It gave me a reason to fight and trust that he had a bigger plan. It didn’t matter that my body was screaming mercy at the intense lashes of pains that didn’t fail to do its justice to my weak flesh. I was alive in my heart. He was with me. That was all that mattered. I now understood the scripture that said 

“And he breathed into man and made him a living soul”

 His words were all the breath that I needed.  This was 6 days ago after I woke up groggy in a hospital bed trying to find my bearings. When doctors and worried faces were all that was happening around me. I understood something in that moment. 

‘The death of Jesus’. 

Satan thought he had won. Not knowing God was in on the plan long before he could think of it. He was the real mastermind. He could see the bigger picture. Its the way I’m seeing the bigger picture now.

  They said it was an accident. From where I stand, this was nothing short of a miracle.

Food for thought: If a clay flowerpot falls and breaks. When you look at the ground.. What do you see? Is it the debris scattered all around? Or the full image of the beauty(flower) that lay within?   #theshackleshavebeenbroken. Choose to see the beauty in everything. This is also today’s lesson.


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