March 2nd.

   Welcome to the new month. As is common with everything that is new, there is a certain gladness that accompanies each smile. (I understand that this is not the case for everyone) Yesterday was Thanksgiving at church. There was not much dancing and celebration and I wondered why. But amidst the feigned aloofness and lack of overflowing exuberance, I could see the smiles in their eyes. The longing to celebrate in their beautiful adornments of new clothings and accessories. It was a new month of course. Everyone is supposed to be happy. Or are we? It’s cliché to expect that every single individual is excited to see a new day. New month. New era. And in that brief moment of distant reasoning, I understood something. The beauty of hope. It was not just the dancing, or the knowing that a new month had come. Not even the warm weather that ushered in the morning and drove away the clouds of the night before. That wasn’t what lifted spirits. It was the hope for something better. The promise that the new month would be better than the last. The ability to dream and expect good things. Plans made for the new month. Perhaps, birthdays to celebrate. Money to come. You see, hope is a beautiful thing. A powerful instrument to them that truly understand it.

Lesson for the day: When you hope, you dream in both unconscious or conscious ways. It gives your mind fuel to function. Acts as an elastic band that holds your smile in place. The hope that something good is coming. So maybe last month wasn’t exactly the best for you. Or maybe you had it good. Who says it can’t be better? What are your expectations in this new month? What do you hope for?

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