26th February.

   Today, I feel good. I have now come to understand the ecstasy that birds feel when they’re high up in the sky. Soaring without limitations. Even though I am deeply rooted to the grounds on which I stand, I can feel my mind soaring. My mentality, attaining heights I never thought possible. My attitude of course, Has to follow suit. Learning is hard. Training is difficult. Longsuffering like someone said to me today, is lengthening patience with pain and pressure. But the end result. Like Gold when passed through the fire, is brilliant!!! You have no idea.
Like a butterfly, I am gradually starting to understand the concept of metamorphosis. I might still be in stage three. But I’m confident of one thing. I will come out beautiful☺. From larva to butterfly. I too will develop from my former self to a full blossomed woman. Graced with the characteristics that are nothing short of perfect. Exactly the way the master designed it to be. Its 1.23am. I should go to bed.

Today’s lesson: Find yourself. Know what you’re worth. Its one of the best things that can happen to you. You’ll need a compass. To search the depths of your soul. I prescribe Jesus. After all, he said. “I am the way, the truth and the life”

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