February the 12th

Ever tried explaining yourself to a little child? Tried telling that small human why you’re doing the things that you do. Alright. If anyone has ever been there you would understand how I must feel at this point in time. Explaining yourself as easy as it sounds can be the hardest thing to do at times. Especially when the person at the other end or group of people as the case may sometimes be, just don’t get it. You’re earnestly trying to let them know how it is in your head and for some strange reason, it seems like you’re pouring water into a basket.  Hmmmn…. I can feel some people starting to relate. Can I get a hallelujah somebody? If you feel me, you’ll certainly understand what I mean when I say “I give up” Lol. “I’m not doing this no more” “There’s no point” . (Not that these people in question are daft or anything by the way) But in that moment, your words just seems to be hiiting a brick wall. So what do we do in such situations? What do we do in times like this when your frustration seems to be at its peak? When you just want to grab them by the hair and shake them into understanding.
      Well, I’ve come to realize that its pretty easy. KEEP QUIET! Lol. I can hear the disagreements. Ahnahn. How does that help? How will that make the person see my point? Yes. Yes. I hear you loud and clear. But let’s reason this. If the person doesn’t get you. And probably won’t in the nearest future. Why bother? Really. Why waste your energy trying to do the impossible? Then you both will get frustrated in an attempt to get through to each other. There’s really no point. So why don’t we just keep quiet and let time do all the work. In time, they would come to understand where you’re coming from. Besides, you can always leave it be and revisit the matter at a different time. When you both are calm. Maybe the reason for the misunderstanding was aggravated by the heat of the moment. Okay. That’s all for the night. Gotta get some sleep.

Lol. In case you’re wondering. This was slightly personal. Its not entirely abstract. I am not a robot. Been there. Done that. This is today’s lesson. You’re never alone. Somebody somewhere has been through the same thing.

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