8th February

My heart is heavy and I have no idea why. 

Thoughts cloud my mind blocking my reasoning. 

But these thoughts are a haven of familiarity. 

I’m used to them. Or so I think. 

I think too much. Everybody says so. 

 I know I shouldn’t worry. I know I should stop thinking. 

But I can’t. I think I’m incapable of doing such. 

And so, I’ve looked to a higher power. 

Someone capable of helping me do such. 

He’s assured me of his love. I should believe it. 

I think I do. 

So why am I not at peace?

Why does my heart throb so much so?

The rhythms of my heart beat are in cadence with the spinning wheels in my head. 

But the problem isn’t from my heart. Its all in my head. 

Or is it?

I’m not sure anymore. 

My heart feels heavy. 

And I have no idea why. 

Jesus I need your peace. 

A peace that passeth all understanding. 

Cos the weight I feel inside now, is beyond my understanding. 

Moral lesson: When in distress, Go to Jesus. He’s your knight in shining armor. He has all the answers.


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