Ever watched a movie and felt like “No, don’t do that” “it shouldn’t have happened that way” “if he had done it like this, it’ll have been better” Anyone?  Okay so I’m watching this movie and I pause for a moment. And for the very first time, I understand what it must feel like for God up there in heaven. When we make all the wrong decisions and go the wrong way, He’s probably just there saying “No! Don’t!” “It won’t turn out well” Like Duhh! He already knows the end from the beginning.
       And with this realization comes a new found respect for God. When there’s a character in a movie or series that I’m attached to, I almost wish I had the power to reach in there and stop him from making that wrong move. Then I remember that I don’t have a say. It’s the writer’s preference. But when you really think about it. God is the author and sole scriptwriter of our entire existence. And he has the actual power to change our stories whenever he feels like and make it turn out the way he wants to. But he doesn’t. Unless we let him.
       And it got me wondering. Who does that? I mean, he loves us all. Don’t you want to stop the person you love from getting burnt if you have the power to? Like if you had your way, wouldn’t you make the movie go the way you wanted it to?
   Then I understood that this is true love. True love isn’t selfish. And it doesn’t insist on having it’s own way. So even though he has the power to make us live the way he wants us to, he has given us a choice. A choice to do whatever the hell we want. And if we ever decide to ask for help, he’s more than willing to assist. And chip in his own two cents on the matter. Which is always usually the million dollar solution.
      He doesn’t force us to do things his way. He lets us come to him because we want to. And that, my beautiful ladies and gentlemen, is true love. The ability to forfeit your wants and desires just so the other person can feel okay. The ability to be truly selfless. And put the other person before you. It’s not a by force something. But a thing of choice. And even when the person has refused to notice you, or acknowledge you, you don’t stop loving the person anyway. That is true love.


14 thoughts on “TRUE LOVE

  1. My sister, I want to know if we can have such a beautiful heart like God as Christians and moreover as humans ?
    And if yes, please tell me how ?:?:?:?


    1. Read the book of Ezekiel 36:26. GOD is willing to give you this heart just by asking & seeking HIM diligently. Stay blessed


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