I’m a Twitter celeb” “Did I make the list” “I deserved to get that award” “Don’t you know who I am?” “I’m the most popular person in this vicinity” “I want to be popular”   Comments I’ve been hearing too frequently these days. And I keep asking myself. What’s all the fuss about? So like I normally do, I started thinking.  What’s the big deal? Why is this a do or die affair for most people. Then it came to me and that’s exactly what I want to share with all you beautiful people today.
       Everybody wants to be recognised. Everyone one to be noticed. Either in large measures or very little. It’s just that some go out of their way to search for this attention while some don’t. When we do something or make an effort, we want to be appreciated. Just something that says “I’ve seen you. Thank you” “I’ve noticed you. You’re amazing” “You are special” . Words like these are like balm to our splintered hearts or minds. Whichever one. Everyone wants to be popular. We want the whole world to know. Know what exactly? What most people fail to realise is that there’s a difference between being popular and being randomly public. Popularity comes with purpose. People have to know you for something. The thing is everyone is known for something. Be it major or minor. There is something that defines you. Yes! I like to be deep. Lol.   Anyways, as I was saying…… BeyoncĂ© is popular cause of her music and her sizzling figure and beauty. Rihanna almost the same. She’s a sexy something. Mandela, was a freedom fighter. Kim K. We all know the reason for hers. What am I driving at? What are you known for? Are you making an impact or you’re just randomly public. The big deal isn’t just the fame. It’s the reason for the fame. Let your popularity have a purpose. If not, you’re better off being ordinary. When u’re useful, you don’t need to stress it. You’ll be recognized. Like I always say. The value of a thing is in it’s usefulness. How useful are you?


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4 thoughts on “POPULARITY

  1. I’m in love with ur work. Your blogs been a good guide fr me, pls make sure u go on, the world has only a few like u. Luv Mr jay


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